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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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131   Artikel: Functional connectivity and dynamics of cortical-thalamic networks co-cultured in a dual compartment device.
T.T. Kanagasabapathi, P. Massobrio, R.A. Barone, M. Tedesco, S. Martinoia, W.J. Wadman, M.M.J. Decré in: J Neural Eng, Vol. 9 (2012), p. 13
132  download 448490 Artikel: Interactions between noradrenaline and corticosteroids in the brain: from electrical activity to cognitive performance.
H.J. Krugers, H. Karst, M. Joëls in: Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, Vol. 6 (2012), p. 10
133   Hoofdstuk: V-MAX: tempered optimism for better PAC reinforcement learning
K. Rao, S. Whiteson in: AAMAS 2012: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (2012), p. 375-382
134   Artikel: Modeling chemical kinetics graphically
A. Heck in: The Chemical Educator, Vol. 17 (2012), p. 137-146
135   Artikel: Orientation selectivity and noise correlation in awake monkey area V1 are modulated by the gamma cycle
T. Womelsdorf, B. Lima, M. Vinck, R. Oostenveld, W. Singer, S. Neuenschwander, P. Fries in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 109 (2012), p. 4302-4307
136  download 489955 Artikel: Climate-related changes in peatland carbon accumulation during the last millennium
D.J. Charman, D.W. Beilman, M.A. Blaauw, R.K. Booth, S. Brewer, F.M. Chambers, J.A. Christen, A. Gallego-Sala, S.P. Harrison, P.D.M. Hughes, S.T. Jackson, A. Korhola, D. Mauquoy, F.J.G. Mitchell, I.C. Prentice, M. van der Linden, F. de Vleeschouwer, Z.C. Yu, J. Alm, I.E. Bauer, Y.M.C. Corish, M. Garneau, V. Hohl, Y. Huang, E. Karofeld, G. Le Roux, J. Loisel, R. Moschen, J.E. Nichols, T.M. Nieminen, G.M. MacDonald, N.R. Phadtare, N. Rausch, Ü. Sillasoo, G.T. Swindles, E.S. Tuittila, L. Ukonmaanaho, M. Väliranta, S. van Bellen, B. van Geel, D.H. Vitt, Y. Zhao in: Biogeosciences, Vol. 9 (2012), p. 14327-14364
137   Artikel: Regional atmospheric circulation shifts induced by a grand solar minimum
C. Martin-Puertas, K. Matthes, A. Brauer, R. Muscheler, F. Hansen, C. Petrick, A. Aldahan, G. Possnert, B. van Geel in: Nature Geoscience, Vol. 5 (2012), p. 397-401
138   Artikel: Application of a 2-step process for the biological treatment of sulfidic spent caustics
M.. de Graaff, J.B.M. Klok, M.F.M. Bijmans, G. Muyzer, A.J.H. Janssen in: Water Research, Vol. 46 (2012), p. 723-730
139   Artikel: Evaluation and optimization of nucleic acid extraction methods for the molecular analysis of bacterial communities associated with corrored steel
F. Marty, J.-F. Ghiglione, S. Païsse, H. Gueuné, L. Quillet, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, G. Muyzer in: BIOFOULING, Vol. 28 (2012), p. 363-380
140   Artikel: Combining doublecortin-like kinase silencing and vinca alkaloids results in a synergistic apoptotic effect in neuroblastoma cells.
C.S. Verissimo, S. Cheng, J.C. Puigvert, Y. Qin, A. Vroon, J. van Deutekom, L.S. Price, E.H.J. Danen, B. van de Water, C.P. Fitzsimons, E. Vreugdenhil in: J PHARMACOL EXP THER, Vol. 342 (2012), p. 119-130