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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2011

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21   Artikel: Transcribed DNA is preferentially located in the perichromatin region of mammalian cell nuclei
J. Niedojadlo, C. Perret-Vivancos, K.H. Kalland, D. Cmarko, T. Cremer, R. van Driel, S. Fakan in: Experimental Cell Research, Vol. 317 (2011), p. 433-444
22   Artikel: Tomato-produced 7-epizingiberene and R-curcumene act as repellents to whiteflies
P.M. Bleeker, P.J. Diergaarde, K. Ament, S. Schütz, B. Johne, J. Dijkink, H. Hiemstra, R. de Gelder, M.T.J. de Both, M.W. Sabelis, M.A. Haring, R.C. Schuurink in: Phytochemistry, Vol. 72 (2011), p. 68-73
23   Artikel: A Fast Quartet tree heuristic for hierarchical clustering
R.L. Cilibrasi, P.M.B. Vitányi in: Pattern Recognition, Vol. 44 (2011), p. 662-677
24   Artikel: PhMYB4 fine-tunes the floral volatile signature of Petunia×hybrida through PhC4H
T.A. Colquhoun, J.Y. Kim, A.E. Wedde, L.A. Levin, K.C. Schmitt, R.C. Schuurink, D.G. Clark in: Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol. 62 (2011), p. 1133-1143
25  download 208190 Proefschrift: On the compilation of a parallel language targeting the self-adaptive virtual processor
T.A.M. Bernard (2011), p. x, 176
26  download 212816 Proefschrift: The meaning of structure: the value of link evidence for information retrieval
M.H.A. Koolen (2011), p. xx, 227
27  download 208011 Artikel: Blocks of monodromy groups in complex dynamics
R. Jones, H. Peters in: Geometriae dedicata, Vol. 150 (2011), p. 137-150
28  download 208465 Artikel: A hybrid approach to extract protein–protein interactions
Q.C. Bui, S. Katrenko, P.M.A. Sloot in: Bioinformatics, Vol. 27 (2011), p. 259-265
29  download 206166 Proefschrift: The physiological response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to temperature stress
J. Postmus (2011), p. 160
30   Boekredactie: Handbook of logic and language [2nd ed.]
J. van Benthem, A. ter Meulen (2011), p. xxii, 1146