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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2010

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901   Artikel: RXTE Monitoring of Cyg X-1 in its current transitional state
V. Grinberg, M. Boeck, K. Pottschmidt, M.A. Nowak, P. Uttley, J.A. Tomsick, A. Bodaghee, S. Markoff, G. Pooley, I. Kreykenbohm, J. Wilms in: The astronomer's telegram, Vol. 2751 (2010)
902   Artikel: No evidence for black hole spin powering of jets in X-ray binaries
R.P. Fender, E. Gallo, D. Russell in: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 406 (2010), p. 1425-1434
903   Artikel: GALEX and optical light curves of WX LMi, SDSSJ103100.5+202832.2, and SDSSJ121209.31+013627.7
A.P. Linnell, P. Szkody, R.M. Plotkin, J. Holtzman, M. Seibert, T.E. Harrison, S.B. Howell in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 713 (2010), p. 1183-1191
904   Artikel: Exploring accretion and disk-jet connections in the LLAGN M81*
J.M. Miller, M. Nowak, S. Markoff, M.P. Rupen, D. Maitra in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 720 (2010), p. 1033-1037
905   Artikel: Swift-XRT location of the ongoing Terzan 5 outburst
M. Linares, D. Altamirano in: The astronomer's telegram, Vol. 2920 (2010)
906  download 212460 Artikel: INTEGRAL observations of SGR 1833-0832: The detection of the prompt emission and the non-detection of soft gamma-rays in the post-burst era
L. Kuiper, W. Hermsen in: The astronomer's telegram, Vol. 2509 (2010)
907  download 212462 Artikel: Hard X-ray timing and spectral characteristics of the energetic pulsar PSR J0205+6449 in supernova remnant 3C 58: An RXTE PCA/HEXTE and XMM-Newton view on the 0.5–250 keV band
L. Kuiper, W. Hermsen, J.O. Urama, P.R. den Hartog, A.G. Lyne, B.W. Stappers in: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 515 (2010), p. A34-
908   Artikel: Transcriptome analysis of Traf6 function in the innate immune response of zebrafish embryos
O.W. Stockhammer, H. Rauwerda, F.R. Wittink, T.M. Breit, A.H. Meijer, H.P. Spaink in: MOL IMMUNOL, Vol. 48 (2010), p. 179-190
909   Artikel: The first Fermi Large Area Telescope catalog of gamma-ray pulsars
A.A. Abdo, . et al., N. Rea in: The Astrophysical Journal. Supplement Series, Vol. 187 (2010), p. 460-494
910   Artikel: Insects betray themselves in nature to predators by rapid isomerization of green leaf volatiles
S. Allmann, I.T. Baldwin in: Science, Vol. 329 (2010), p. 1075-1078