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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2010

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11   Artikel: Leaf domatia do not affect population dynamics of the predatory mite Iphiseiodes zuluagai
J.A.M. Ferreira, A. Pallini, C.L. Oliveira, M.W. Sabelis, A. Janssen in: Basic and Applied Ecology, Vol. 11 (2010), p. 144-152
12   Artikel: Dissociating the “retrieval success” regions of the brain: Effects of retrieval delay
W. Huijbers, C.M.A. Pennartz, S.M. Daselaar in: Neuropsychologia, Vol. 48 (2010), p. 491-497
13   Artikel: Reward-associated gamma oscillations in ventral striatum are regionally differentiated and modulate local firing activity
T. Kalenscher, C.S. Lansink, J.V. Lankelma, C.M.A. Pennartz in: Journal of Neurophysiology, Vol. 103 (2010), p. 1658-1672
14   Artikel: Overlapping brain activity between episodic memory encoding and retrieval: Roles of the task-positive and task-negative networks
H. Kim, S.M. Daselaar, R. Cabeza in: NeuroImage, Vol. 49 (2010), p. 1045-1054
15  download 164203 Proefschrift: Identification of muons in ATLAS
Z. van Kesteren (2010), p. 154
16   Proefschrift: Human motion analysis with radar
P. van Dorp (2010), p. x, 188
17  download 171773 Proefschrift: Transition metals enclosed in supramolecular capsules: assembly, characterization and application in catalysis
T.S. Koblenz (2010), p. 193
18  download 172133 Proefschrift: Galactic and extragalactic searches for pulsars and radio transients
E.A. Rubio Herrera (2010), p. III, 126, II
19  download 172189 Proefschrift: Modeling credit risk and credit derivatives
V.J.G. Leijdekker (2010), p. iv, 147
20  download 173388 Artikel: Microcystins do not provide anti-herbivore defence against mixotrophic flagellates
S. Wilken, S. Wiezer, J. Huisman, E. van Donk in: Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Vol. 59 (2010), p. 207-216