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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2010

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101   Artikel: Strip-based regression: A method to obtain comprehensive co-polymer architectures from matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation-mass spectrometry data
G. Vivó-Truyols, B. Staal, P.J. Schoenmakers in: Journal of Chromatography A, Vol. 1217 (2010), p. 4150-4159
102  download 193735 Artikel: Repeated unidirectional introgression towards Populus balsamifera in contact zones of exotic and native poplars
S.L. Thompson, M. Lamothe, P.G. Meirmans, P. Périnet, N. Isabel in: Molecular Ecology, Vol. 19 (2010), p. 132-145
103  download 193652 Artikel: Spatial and temporal variability in nitrogenase activity and diazotrophic community composition in coastal microbial mats
I. Severin, L.J. Stal in: Marine Ecology Progress Series (2010), p. 13-25
104   Artikel: Methane storage mechanism in the metal-organic framework Cu3(btc)2: An in situ neutron diffraction study
J. Getzschmann, I. Senkovska, D. Wallacher, M. Tovar, D. Fairen-Jimenez, T. Düren, J.M. van Baten, R. Krishna, S. Kaskel in: Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Vol. 136 (2010), p. 50-58
105   Artikel: Sustainable selective oxidations using ceria-based materials
J. Beckers, G. Rothenberg in: Green Chemistry, Vol. 12 (2010), p. 939-948
106   Artikel: Mass spectrometry: Innovation and application. Part VI
M. Holčapek, P.J. Schoenmakers in: Journal of Chromatography A, Vol. 1217 (2010), p. 3907-3907
107  download 193629 Artikel: Hydrocarbon oxidation with H2O2, catalyzed by iron complexes with a polydentate pyridine-based ligand
S. Tanase, J. Reedijk, R. Hage, G. Rothenberg in: Topics in Catalysis, Vol. 53 (2010), p. 1039-1044
108  download 191721 Proefschrift: A chimpanzee Mega-Culture? Exploring behavioral continuity in Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii across northern DR Congo
T.C. Hicks (2010), p. 300
109   Artikel: Phosphorus ligand imaging with two-photon fluorescence spectroscopy: towards rational catalyst immobilization
F. Marras, A.M. Kluwer, J.R. Siekierzycka, A. Vozza, A.M. Brouwer, J.N.H. Reek in: Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, Vol. 49 (2010), p. 5480-5484
110   Artikel: Spectroscopic study of the authentic emitter of AMPPD chemiluminescence in alkaline aqueous solution
L. Tu, Y. Wang, Y. Yang, B.H. Bakker, X. Kong, A.M. Brouwer, W.J. Buma, H. Zhang in: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol. 12 (2010), p. 6789-6794