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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2009

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391  download 172069 Rapport: Local and global trust based on the concept of promises
J. Bergstra, M. Burgess (2009), p. 27
392   Hoofdstuk: Molecular regimes in ultracold Fermi gases
D.S. Petrov, C. Salomon, G.V. Shlyapnikov in: Cold molecules: Theory, experiment, applications (2009), p. 355-398
393   Rapport: Software engineering with process algebra: Modelling client / server architecures
B. Diertens (2009), p. 24
394   Rapport: Rate of homogeneous crystal nucleation in molten NaCl
C. Valeriani, E. Sanz, D. Frenkel (2009), p. 12
395   Artikel: Geometrical frustration: A study of four-dimensional hard spheres
J.A. van Meel, D. Frenkel, P. Charbonneau in: Physical Review E, Vol. 79 (2009), p. 030201-
396   Rapport: Computing stationary distributions in equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems with Forward Flux Sampling
C. Valeriani, R.J. Allen, M.J. Morelli, D. Frenkel, P.R. ten Wolde (2009), p. 29
397   Hoofdstuk: From Centaur to the Meta-Environment: A tribute to a great meta-technologist
P. Klint in: From semantics to computer science: Essays in honour of Gilles Kahn (2009), p. 235-263
398   Rapport: Typability in partial groupoids
P.H. Rodenburg, I. Bethke (2009), p. 5
399   Rapport: Homogeneous bubble nucleation driven by local hot spots: A Molecular Dynamics study
Z.J. Wang, C. Valeriani, D. Frenkel (2009), p. 36
400   Artikel: First record of Walckenaeria clavicornis (Araneae, Linyphiidae) in the Netherlands
B. Heuts, P.J. van Helsdingen in: Nieuwsbrief Spined (2009), p. 27-28