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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2009

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131   Artikel: Defeasible reasoning in high-functioning adults with autism: Evidence for impaired exception-handling
J. Pijnacker, B. Geurts, M. van Lambalgen, C.C. Kan, J.K. Buitelaar, P. Hagoort in: Neuropsychologia, Vol. 47 (2009), p. 644-651
132   Artikel: Stable topological superfluid phase of ultracold polar fermionic molecules
N.R. Cooper, G.V. Shlyapnikov in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103 (2009), p. 155302-
133   Artikel: High-resolution, hard x-ray photoemission investigation of BaFe2As2: Moderate influence of the surface and evidence for a low degree of Fe 3d–As 4p hybridization of electronic states near the Fermi energy
S. de Jong, Y. Huang, R. Huisman, F. Massee, R. Thirupathaiah, M. Gorgoi, F. Schaefers, F. Follath, J.B. Goedkoop, M.S. Golden in: Physical Review B, Vol. 79 (2009), p. 115125-
134   Artikel: On management of 2nd generation Virtual Organizations Breeding Environments
H. Afsarmanesh, L.M. Camarinha-Matos, S.S. Msanjila in: Annual Reviews in Control, Vol. 33 (2009), p. 209-219
135   Artikel: The first peptides: The evolutionary transition between prebiotic amino acids and early proteins
P. van der Gulik, S. Massar, D. Gilis, H. Buhrman, M. Rooman in: Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 261 (2009), p. 531-539
136   Artikel: Nanoscale superconducting-gap variations and lack of phase separation in optimally doped BaFe1.86Co0.14As2
F. Massee, Y. Huang, R. Huisman, S. de Jong, J.B. Goedkoop, M.S. Golden in: Physical Review B, Vol. 79 (2009), p. 220517(R)-
137   Hoofdstuk: Modeling and management of information supporting functional dimension of Collaborative Networks
H. Afsarmanesh, E. Ermilova, S.S. Msanjila, L.M. Camarinha-Matos in: Transactions on large-scale data- and knowledge-centered systems I (2009), p. 1-37
138   Artikel: Ab initio structure determination of Mg10Ir19B16
Q. Xu, T. Klimczuk, T. Gortenmulder, J. Jansen, M.A. McGuire, R.J. Cava, H.W. Zandbergen in: Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 21 (2009), p. 2499-2507
139   Rapport: A generalized Grothendieck inequality and entanglement in XOR games
J. Briët, H. Buhrman, B. Toner (2009), p. 13
140   Artikel: On development of TrustMan system assisting configuration of temporary consortiums
S.S. Msanjila, H. Afsarmanesh in: International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 47 (2009), p. 4757-4790