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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2008

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271  download 126624 Artikel: The influence of bioturbation on the vertical distribution of soil organic matter in volcanic ash soils: A case study in northern Ecuador
F.H. Tonneijck, A.G. Jongmans in: European Journal of Soil Science, Vol. 59 (2008), p. 1063-1075
272  download 126627 Artikel: Honeydew as a food source for natural enemies: Making the best of a bad meal?
F.L. Wäckers, P.C.J. van Rijn, G.E. Heimpel in: Biological Control, Vol. 45 (2008), p. 176-184
273  download 126631 Artikel: Assessment of the distribution and conservation status of the viviparous toad Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis on Monts Nimba, Guinea
A. Hillers, N.-S. Loua, M.-O. Rödel in: Endangered Species Research, Vol. 5 (2008), p. 13-19
274  download 126633 Artikel: Effects of forest fragmentation and habitat degradation on West African leaf-litter frogs
A. Hillers, M. Veith, M.-O. Rödel in: Conservation Biology, Vol. 22 (2008), p. 762-772
275   Artikel: Perfect parallel repetition theorem for quantum XOR proof systems
R. Cleve, W. Slofstra, F. Unger, S. Upadhyay in: Computational Complexity, Vol. 17 (2008), p. 282-299
276  download 126621 Artikel: Tinea nigra by Hortaea werneckii, a report of 22 cases from Mexico
A. Bonifaz, H. Badali, G.S. de Hoog, M. Cruz, J. Araiza, M.A. Cruz, L. Fierro, R.M. Ponce in: Studies in Mycology, Vol. 61 (2008), p. 77-82
277  download 126630 Artikel: A new species of Cardioglossa (Anura: Arthroleptidae) from the Upper Guinean forests of West Africa
D.C. Blackburn, J. Kosuch, A. Schmitz, M. Burger, P. Wagner, N.L. Gonwouo, A. Hillers, M.-O. Rödel in: COPEIA, Vol. 2008 (2008), p. 603-612
278   Artikel: Vibrational response of hydrogen-bonded interfacial water is dominated by intramolecular coupling
M. Sovago, R. Kramer Campen, G.W.H. Wurpel, M. Müller, H.J. Bakker, M. Bonn in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 100 (2008), p. 173901-
279   Artikel: The F-box protein ACRE189/ACIF1 regulates cell death and defense responses activated during pathogen recognition in tobacco and tomato
H.A. van den Burg, D.I. Tsitsigiannis, O. Rowland, J. Lo, G. Rallapalli, D. MacLean, F.L.W. Takken, J.D.G. Jones in: The Plant Cell, Vol. 20 (2008), p. 697-719
280  download 128900 Artikel: Still life: Pollen tube growth observed in millisecond resolution
L. Zonia, T. Munnik in: Plant signaling and behavior, Vol. 3 (2008), p. 836-838