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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2008

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151   Artikel: Unraveling microbial interactions in food fermentations: From classical to genomics approaches
S. Sieuwerts, F.A.M. de Bok, J. Hugenholtz, J.E.T. van Hylckama Vlieg in: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol. 74 (2008), p. 4997-5007
152  download 128097 Artikel: The impact of EEG/MEG signal processing and modeling in the diagnostic and management of epilepsy
F.H. Lopes da Silva in: IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 1 (2008), p. 143-156
153   Artikel: Editorial
F. Liu, F. Veltman, M. Xiong in: Synthese, Vol. 165 (2008), p. 155-157
154  download 128082 Artikel: Odour-mediated sexual attraction in nabids (Heteroptera: Nabidae)
S. Roth, A. Janssen, M.W. Sabelis in: European Journal of Entomology, Vol. 105 (2008), p. 159-162
155  download 128918 Artikel: Editorial
J. van Benthem, V.F. Hendricks, J. Symons in: Synthese, Vol. 160 (2008), p. 1-4
156   Artikel: A study of the brain's resting state based on alpha band power, heart rate and fMRI
J.C. de Munck, S.I. Goncalves, T.J.C. Faes, J.P.A. Kuijer, P.J.W. Pouwels, R.M. Heethaar, F.H. Lopes da Silva in: NeuroImage, Vol. 42 (2008), p. 112-121
157   Artikel: Micromorphological evidence of black carbon in colluvial soils from NW Spain
J. Kaal, J.M. van Mourik in: European Journal of Soil Science, Vol. 59 (2008), p. 1133-1140
158  download 129709 Artikel: Parasitoid increases survival of its pupae by inducing hosts to fight predators
A.H. Grosman, A. Janssen, E.F. de Brito, E.G. Cordeiro, F. Colares, J. Oliveira Fonseca, E.R. Lima, A. Pallini, M.W. Sabelis in: PLoS One, Vol. 3 (2008), p. e2276-
159   Artikel: Microbial systems biology: New frontiers open to predictive microbiology
S. Brul, F.I.C. Mensonides, K.J. Hellingwerf, M.J. Teixeira De Mattos in: International Journal of Food Microbiology, Vol. 128 (2008), p. 16-21
160  download 129855 Artikel: Living in highly dynamic polluted river floodplains, do contaminants contribute to population and community effects?
C. Klok, M.H.S. Kraak in: Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 406 (2008), p. 455-461