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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2008

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131  download 127277 Artikel: Overview of BioCreative II gene mention recognition
L. Smith, L.K. Tanabe, R. Johnson, C.-J. Kuo, I-F. Chung, C.-N. Hsu, Y.-S. Lin, R. Klinger, C.M. Friedrich, K. Ganchev, M. Torii, H. Liu, B. Haddow, C.A. Struble, R.J. Povinelli, A. Vlachos, W.A. Baumgartner (jr.), L. Hunter, B. Carpenter, R.T.-H. Tsai, H.-J. Dai, F. Liu, Y. Chen, C. Sun, S. Katrenko, P. Adriaans, C. Blaschke, R. Torres, M. Neves, P. Nakov, A. Divoli, M. Maña-López, J. Mata, W.J. Wilbur in: Genome, Vol. 9 (2008), p. S2-
132   Hoofdstuk: De toekomst van de Westerschelde
J. van Mourik, M. Achtereekte in: Zeelandboek 12 (2008), p. 79-91
133   Artikel: Enhanced adsorption selectivity of hydrogen/methane mixtures in metal-organic frameworks with interpenetration: A molecular simulation study
B. Liu, Q. Yang, C. Xue, C. Zhong, B. Chen, B. Smit in: The Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, Vol. 112 (2008), p. 9854-9860
134   Hoofdstuk: Accurate eye center location and tracking using isophote curvature
R. Valenti, T. Gevers in: IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition: CVPR 2008 (2008), p. 1-8
135  download 126830 Hoofdstuk: The significance of floral resources for natural control of aphids
L.A. Langoya, P.C.J. van Rijn in: Netherlands Entomological Society meeting 2007 (Entomologendag 2007), Ede-Wageningen, the Netherlands (2008), p. 67-74
136   Artikel: Ultrafast excited state dynamics controlling photochemical isomerization of N-methyl-4-[trans-2-(4-pyridyl)ethenyl]pyridinium coordinated to a {ReI(CO)3(2,2-bipyridine)} chromophore
M. Busby, F. Hartl, P. Matousek, M. Towrie, A. Vlček (jr.) in: Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol. 14 (2008), p. 6912-6923
137   Artikel: A new united atom force field for adsorption of alkenes in zeolites
B. Liu, B. Smit, F. Rey, S. Valencia, S. Calero in: The Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, Vol. 112 (2008), p. 2492-2498
138  download 126807 Artikel: Development of Candida-associated denture stomatitis: New insights
T. Pereira-Cenci, A.A. Del Bel Cury, W. Crielaard, J.M. ten Cate in: Journal of applied oral science, Vol. 16 (2008), p. 86-94
139   Artikel: Analysis of the capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis locus of Porphyromonas gingivalis and development of a K1-specific polymerase chain reaction-based serotyping assay
J. Brunner, W. Crielaard, A.J. van Winkelhoff in: Journal of periodontal research, Vol. 43 (2008), p. 698-705
140   Hoofdstuk: A comparison of distributed data parallel multimedia computing over conventional and optical wide-area networks
F. Liu, F.J. Seinstra in: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS 2008) (2008), p. 9-14