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Zoekopdracht: faculteit: "FNWI" en publicatiejaar: "2008"

AuteursM. Busby, F. Hartl, P. Matousek, M. Towrie, A. Vlček (jr.)
TitelUltrafast excited state dynamics controlling photochemical isomerization of N-methyl-4-[trans-2-(4-pyridyl)ethenyl]pyridinium coordinated to a {ReI(CO)3(2,2-bipyridine)} chromophore
TijdschriftChemistry - A European Journal
FaculteitFaculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Instituut/afd.FNWI: Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS)
SamenvattingTwo Multifunctional photoactive complexes [Re(Cl)(CO)(3)-(MeDpe(+))(2)](2+) and [Re(MeDpe(+))(CO)(3)(bpy)](2+) (MeDpe(+) = N-methyl-4-[trans-2-(4-pyridyl)ethenyl]pyridinium, bpy = 2,2'-bipyridine) were synthesized. characterized. and their redox and photonic properties were investigated by cyclic voltammetry: ultraviolet-visible-infrared (UV/Vis/IR) spectroelectrochemistry, stationary UV/Vis and resonance Raman spectroscopy; photolysis; picosecond time-resolved absorption spectroscopy in the visible and infrared regions: and time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy. The first reduction step of either complex Occurs at about -1.1 V versus Fc/Fc(+) and is localized at MeDpe(+). Reduction alone does not induce a trans -> cis isomerization of MeDpe(+). [Re(Cl)(CO)(3)(MeDPe(+))(2)](2+) is photostable, while [Re(MeDpe(+))(CO)(3)(bpy)](2+) and free MeDpe(+) isomerize under near-UV irradiation. The lowest excited state of [Re(Cl)(CO)(3)(MeDPe(+))(2)](2+) has been identified as the Re(Cl)(CO)(3) -> MeDpe(+) (MLCT)-M-3 (MLCT = metal-to-ligand charge transfer), decaying directly to the ground state with lifetimes of approximate to 42 (73%) and approximate to 430ps (27%). Optical excitation of [Re(MeDpe(+))(CO)(3)(bpy)](2+) leads to population of Re(CO)(3) -> MeDpe(+) and Re(CO)(3) -> bpy (MLCT)-M-3 states, from which a MeDpe(+) localized intraligand 3 pi pi* excited state ((IL)-I-3) is populated with lifetimes of approximate to 0.6 and approximate to 10 ps, respectively. The 3IL state undergoes a approximate to 21 ps internal rotation, which eventually produces the cis isomer on a much longer timescale. The different excited-state behavior of the two complexes and the absence of thermodynamically favorable interligand electron transfer in excited [Re(MeDpe(+))(CO)(3)(bpy)](2+) reflect the fine energetic balance between excited states of different orbital origin, which can be tuned by subtle Structural variations. The complex [Re(MeDpe+)(CO)(3)(bpy)](2+) emerges as a prototypical, multifunctional species with complementary redox and photonic behavior.
Soort documentArtikel
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