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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2007

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861   Artikel: Evidence for Out-of-Equilibrium Crystal Nucleation in Suspensions of Oppositely Charged Colloids
E. Sanz, C. Valeriani, D. Frenkel, M. Dijkstra in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 99 (2007), p. 055501/1-055501/4
862   Artikel: Lattice-based Monte Carlo method for telechelic chain molecules. [Erratum to document cited in CA147:073220]
B. Bozorgui, D. Frenkel in: Physical Review E, Vol. 75 (2007), p. 059907/1-
863   Artikel: Description of a new genus and species, Omanimerelina eloiseae (Gastropoda: Rissoidae) from the upwelling zone of Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman
R.G. Moolenbeek, D.T. Bosch in: Miscellanea Malacologica, Vol. 2 (2007), p. 113-117
864   Artikel: Dr Donald T. Bosch, 90 years old
R.G. Moolenbeek in: Miscellanea Malacologica, Vol. 2 (2007), p. 109-112
865   Artikel: Nassarius tadjallii , a new nassariid from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman (Gastropoda: Nassariidae)
R.G. Moolenbeek in: Miscellanea Malacologica, Vol. 2 (2007), p. 57-59
866   Artikel: Computational methods for diffusion-influenced biochemical reactions
M. Dobrzyński, J. Vidal Rodríguez, J.A. Kaandorp, J.G. Blom in: Bioinformatics, Vol. 23 (2007), p. 1969-1977
867   Boekredactie: Distributed, High-Performance and Grid Computing in Computational Biology
W. Dubizky, A Schuster, P.M.A. Sloot, M. Schroeder, M. Romberg (2007)
868   Artikel: Parameter optimisation and uncertainty assessment for large-scale streamflow simulation with the LISFLOOD model
L. Feyen, J.A. Vrugt, B.S. Ó Nualláin, J. Knijff, A. De Roo in: Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 332 (2007), p. 276-289
869   Artikel: Responses of the mussel Anodontites trapesialis (Unionidae) to environmental stressors: effect of pH, temperature and metals on filtration rate
R. Loayza-Muro, R. Elias-Letts in: Environmental Pollution, Vol. 149 (2007), p. 209-215
870   Hoofdstuk: Natural attenuation of high concentrations of organic pollutants by biodegradation in soils
L. Reijnders in: Environmental biodegradation research focus (2007), p. 101-126