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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2007

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681   Artikel: Size-dependent mortality induces life-history changes mediated through population dynamical feedbacks
T. van Kooten, L. Persson, A.M. de Roos in: American Naturalist, Vol. 170 (2007), p. 258-270
682   Artikel: Food-dependent growth leads to overcompensation in stage- specific biomass when mortality increases: the influence of maturation versus reproduction regulation
A.M. de Roos, T. Schellekens, T. van Kooten, K.E. van de Wolfshaar, D. Claessen, L. Persson in: American Naturalist, Vol. 170 (2007), p. E59-E76
683   Artikel: Terrestrial carbon and intraspecific size-variation shape lake ecosystems
M. Jansson, L. Persson, A.M. de Roos, R. I. Jones, L.J. Tranvik in: Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Vol. 22 (2007), p. 316-322
684   Artikel: Habitat structure affects intraguild predation
A. Janssen, M.W. Sabelis, S. Magalhaes, M. Montserrat, T. van der Hammen in: Ecology, Vol. 88 (2007), p. 2713-2719
685   Artikel: A new genus and species of polyclad flatworm found in the mantle cavities of gastropod molluscs in the high-intertidal zone of the Pacific coast of Central America
A. Faubel, R. Sluys, D.G. Reid in: Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Vol. 87 (2007), p. 429-434
686   Artikel: Freshwater planarians from artesian springs in Queensland, Australia (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Paludicola)
R. Sluys, L.J. Grant, D. Blair in: Contributions to Zoology, Vol. 76 (2007), p. 9-19
687   Hoofdstuk: The changes of the environment in the Holocene and the dynamics of archaeological cultures in the mountain region of Southern Siberia (in Russian with English summary)
V.G. Dirksen, B. van Geel, N.A. Bokovenko, K.V. Chugunov, A.A. Sementsov, G.I. Zaitseva, G. Cook, J. van der Plicht, M. Scott, M.A. Kulkova, L.M. Lebedeva, N.D. Burova in: Radiocarbon in Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Research (2007), p. 340-364
688   Hoofdstuk: Solar activity and the expansion of the Scythian culture
B. van Geel, J. Beer in: Radiocarbon in Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Research (2007), p. 365-380
689   Hoofdstuk: Plant remains in the Yukagir mammoth dung and environmental reconstruction.
B. van Geel, J.P. Pals, G.B.A. van Reenen, D. Mol in: The Yukagir Mammoth (2007), p. 89-93
690   Artikel: Modelling the long-term consequences of crop–wild relative hybridization: a case study using four generations of hybrids.
D.A.P. Hooftman, M.A. de Jong, J.G.B. Oostermeijer, J.C.M. den Nijs in: Journal of Applied Ecology, Vol. 44 (2007), p. 1035-1045