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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2007

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271   Artikel: Polycomb-Group Oncogenes EZH2, BMI1, and RING1 are overexpressed in Prostate Cancer with adverse pathologic and clinial features.
G.J. van Leenders, D. Dukers, D. Hessels, S.W. van den Kieboom, C.A. Hulsbergen, J.A. Witjes, A.P. Otte, C.J. Meijer, F.M. Raaphorst in: EUR UROL, Vol. 52 (2007), p. 455-463
272   Artikel: Lung response to Bordetella pertussis infection in mice identified by gene-expression profiling.
H.A. Banus, J.L.A. Pennings, R.J. Vandebriel, P.W. Wester, T.M. Breit, F.R. Mooi, B. Hoebee, T.G. Kimman in: IMMUNOGENETICS, Vol. 59 (2007), p. 555-564
273   Artikel: Analysis of temporal gene expression during Bacillus subtilis spore germination and outgrowth.
B.J.F. Keijser, A.S. ter Beek, H. Rauwerda, F. Schuren, R. Montijn, H. van der Spek, S. Brul in: Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 189 (2007), p. 3624-3634
274   Artikel: Complexities in the association of human blood brain barrier disruption with seizures: Importance of patient population and method of disruption.
E.A. van Vliet, J.A. Gorter in: Brain, Vol. 130 (2007), p. e78-
275   Artikel: Delayed Expression of Apoptotic and Cell Cycle Control Genes in Carcinogen-Exposed Bladders of Mice Lacking p53.S389 Phosphorylation.
W. Bruins, M.J. Jonker, O. Bruning, J.L.A. Pennings, M.M. Schaap, E.M. Hoogervorst, H. van Steeg, T.M. Breit, A. Vries in: CARCINOGENESIS, Vol. 28 (2007), p. 1814-1823
276   Artikel: Controlled light-exposure microscopy reduces photobleaching and phototoxicity in fluorescence live-cell imaging.
R.A. Hoebe, C.H. van Oven, Th.W.J. Gadella, P.B. Dhonukshe, C.J.F. van Noorden, E.M.M. Manders in: Nature Biotechnology, Vol. 25 (2007), p. 249-253
277   Proefschrift: From 1D to 3D : relating transcription with the three dimensional organisation of the mammalian genome
J.M. Langerak (2007), p. 142
278  download 54798 Proefschrift: Theoretical studies of the infrared emission properties of proto-planetary disks
J. Meijer (2007), p. 176
279  download 54905 Proefschrift: Discrete dipole simulations of light scattering by blood cells
M.A. Yurkin (2007), p. vii, 207
280   Artikel: Direct measurement of phase coexistence in DPPC/Cholesterol vesicles using Raman spectroscopy.
M.J.L. de Lange, M. Bonn, M. Müller in: Chemistry and physics of lipids, Vol. 146 (2007), p. 76-84