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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2007

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1141   Artikel: Density functional theory study of the Cinchona Thiourea-catalyzed Henry reaction: mechanism and enantioselectivity
P. Hammar, T. Marcelli, H. Hiemstra, F. Himo in: Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, Vol. 349 (2007), p. 2537-2548
1142   Artikel: Diorganoruthenium Complexes Incorporating Noninnocent [C6H2(CH2ER2)2-3,5]22- (E = N, P) Bis-Pincer Bridging Ligands: Synthesis, Spectroelectrochemistry, and DFT Studies
M. Gagliardo, C.H.M. Amijs, M. Lutz, A.L. Spek, R.W.A. Havenith, F. Hartl, G.P.M. van Klink, G. van Koten in: Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 46 (2007), p. 11133-11144
1143   Artikel: Isomeric Olefin Tetracarbonyl Complexes of Tungsten(I): An Infrared Spectroelectrochemical Study at Low Temperatures
M. Gorski, F. Hartl, T. Szymanska-Buzar in: Organometallics, Vol. 26 (2007), p. 4066-4071
1144   Artikel: Spectroscopic properties and electronic structures of 17-electron half-sandwich ruthenium acetylide complexes, [Ru(CCAr)(L2)Cp']+ (Ar = phenyl, p-tolyl, 1-naphthyl, 9-anthryl; L2 = (PPh3)2, Cp'= Cp; L2 = dppe; Cp' = Cp*)
M.A. Fox, R.L. Roberts, W.M. Khairul, F. Hartl, P.J. Low in: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 692 (2007), p. 3277-3290
1145   Artikel: Mono- and heterodimetallic FeII and RuII complexes based on a novel heteroditopic 4'-{bis(phosphanyl)aryl}-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine ligand
M. Gagliardo, J. Perelaer, F. Hartl, G.P.M. van Klink, G. van Koten in: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 15 (2007), p. 2111-2120
1146   Artikel: A square-planar nickel(II) monoradical complex with a bis(salicylidene)diamine ligand
L. Benisvy, R. Kannappan, Y-F. Song, S. Milikisyants, M. Huber, I. Mutikainen, U. Turpeinen, P. Gamez, L. Bernasconi, E.J. Baerends, F. Hartl, J. Reedijk in: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 5 (2007), p. 637-642
1147   Artikel: Electronic transitions and bonding properties in a series of five-coordinate "16-electron" complexes [Mn(CO)3(L2)]- (L2 =chelating redox-active pi-donor ligand)
F. Hartl, P. Rosa, L. Ricard, P. Le Floch, S. Zalis in: Coordination chemistry reviews, Vol. 251 (2007), p. 557-576
1148   Artikel: Development of an at-line method for the identification of angiotensin-I inhibiting peptides in protein hydrolysates
C.J. van Platerink, J.G.M. Janssen, J. Haverkamp in: Journal of Chromatography B, Vol. 846 (2007), p. 147-154
1149   Artikel: On-line SEC-Py-GC-MS for the automated comprehensive characterization of copolymers
E.R. Kaal, M. Kurano, M. Geissler, P.J. Schoenmakers, J.G.M. Janssen in: LC GC Europe, Vol. 20 (2007), p. 446, 450-448, 452
1150   Artikel: Analytical characterization of glutardialdehyde cross-linking products in gelatine-gum arabic complex coacervates
E. Fuguet, C. van Platerink, J.G.M. Janssen in: Analytica Chimica Acta, Vol. 604 (2007), p. 45-53