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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2006

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401   Artikel: Effect of bioaugmentation and supplementary carbon sources on degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by a soil-derived culture
R. van Herwijnen, B. Joffe, A. Ryngaert, M. Hausner, D. Springael, H.A.J. Govers, S. Wuertz, J.R. Parsons in: FEMS Microbiology Ecology, Vol. 55 (2006), p. 122-135
402   Artikel: Le changement climatique a partir de 850 av. J.-C. et l'expansion de la culture scythe
B. van Geel, N.A. Bokovenko, V.A. Dergachev, H. Parzinger, G.I. Zaitseva in: Comptes Rendus-Palevol, Vol. 5 (2006), p. 323-328
403   Artikel: Analytical Chemistry of Perfluoroalkylated Substances
P. de Voogt, M. Saez Ribas in: Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 25 (2006), p. 326-342
404  download 25233 Artikel: Effects of irrigation and plastic mulch on soil properties on semiarid abandoned fields
E.S. van der Meulen, L. Nol, L.H. Cammeraat in: Soil Science Society of America Journal, Vol. 70 (2006), p. 930-939
405  download 25231 Artikel: Spatial patterns of land degradation and their impacts on the water balance of rainfed treecrops: A case study in South East Spain
B. van Wesemael, X. Rambaud, J. Poesen, M. Muligan, L.H. Cammeraat in: Geoderma, Vol. 133 (2006), p. 43-56
406   Proefschrift: Tomato defense responses induced by spider mites
K. Ament (2006), p. 120
407  download 23907 Proefschrift: Rill initiation and development in relation to dynamic soil properties
N.A. Bouma (2006), p. 317
408  download 23682 Proefschrift: Detection of magnetic monopoles below the Cherenkov limit
B.A.P. van Rens (2006), p. 112
409   Artikel: Persistence despite omnivory: benthic communities and the discrepancy between theory and observation
R. Hille Ris Lambers, J. van de Koppel, P.M.J. Hermans in: Oikos, Vol. 113 (2006), p. 23-32
410   Hoofdstuk: Pragmatics: Optimality Theory
H.W. Zeevat in: Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (2006), p. 47-51