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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2006

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371   Hoofdstuk: Assessment and creation of trust in VBEs
S.S. Msanjila, H. Afsarmanesh in: Proceedings of 7th PRO-VE'06, Network-centric collaboration and Supporting Frameworks (2006), p. 161-172
372   Proefschrift: Metallosurfactants: aggregation, characterisation and catalytic applications
D. Domínguez Gutiérrez (2006), p. 177
373  download 23505 Proefschrift: Photoactive hydrogen-bonded rotaxanes
J. Baggerman (2006), p. 145
374  download 33688 Proefschrift: The primordial binary population in the association Sco OB2
M.B.N. Kouwenhoven (2006), p. 257
375  download 23995 Proefschrift: Grid-based HLA simulation support
K.J. Rycerz (2006), p. 226
376   Proefschrift: Plasticity of heterochromatin in Arabidopsis
F.G. Tessadori (2006), p. 139
377   Artikel: Colombian dry moist forest transitions in the Llanos Orientales - A comparison of model and pollen-based biome reconstructions
R.A. Marchant, J.C. Berrio, H. Behling, A. Boom, H. Hooghiemstra in: Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, Vol. 234 (2006), p. 28-44
378   Artikel: Late Quaternary palynology in marine sediments: a synthesis of the understanding of pollen distribution patterns in the NW African setting.
H. Hooghiemstra, A.M. Lézine, S.A.G. Leroy, L. Dupont, F. Marret in: Quaternary International, Vol. 148 (2006), p. 29-44
379   Artikel: Challenges in estimating past plant diversity from fossil pollen data: statistical assessment, problems, and possible solutions.
C. Weng, H. Hooghiemstra, J.F. Duivenvoorden in: Diversity and distributions, Vol. 12 (2006), p. 310-318
380   Artikel: Late Glacial and Holocene environmental and climatic changes from a limnological transect through Colombia, northern South America.
M.I. Vélez, H. Hooghiemstra, S. Metcalfe, M. Wille, J.C. Berrio in: Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, Vol. 234 (2006), p. 81-96