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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2006

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1031   Proefschrift: Establishment, reproduction and genetics of epiphytic bromeliad communities during premontane forest succession in Costa Rica
A.M. Cascante Marín (2006), p. 192
1032  download 33637 Proefschrift: Lattices of intermediate and cylindric modal logics
N. Bezhanishvili (2006), p. 224
1033  download 468814 Proefschrift: Floral scent production by Petunia hybrida
J.C. Verdonk (2006), p. 121
1034   Artikel: After Six Sigma - What's Next?
S. Bisgaard, J. de Mast in: Quality Progress, Vol. 39 (2006), p. 30-36
1035   Artikel: A new species of arboreal Leptopelis (Anura: Hyperoliidae) from forests of western Kenya
J. Köhler, B.A. Bwong, S. Schick, M.K.H. Veith, S. Lotters in: Herpetological Journal, Vol. 16 (2006), p. 183-189
1036   Artikel: What do we know about the amphibians from the Kenyan central and western highlands? A faunistic and taxonomic review
S. Lotters, D. Rotich, T.E. Koester, J. Kosuch, V. Muchai, K. Scheelke, S. Schick, P. Teege, D.V. Wasonga, M.K.H. Veith in: Salamandra, Vol. 42 (2006), p. 165-179
1037   Artikel: Responding to Amphibian Loss
J.R. Mendelson III, K.R. Lips, R.W. Gagliardo, G.B. Rabb, J.P. Collins, J.E. Diffendorfer, P. Daszak, R. Ibáñez D., K.C. Zippel, D.P. Lawson, K.M. Wright, S.N. Stuart, C. Gascon, H.R. da Silva, P.A. Burrowes, R.L. Joglar, E. La Marca, S. Lötters, L.H. du Preez, C. Weldon, A. Hyatt, J.V. Rodriguez-Mahecha, S. Hunt, H. Robertson, B. Lock, C.J. Raxworthy, D.R. Frost, R.C. Lacy, R.A. Alford, J.A. Campbell, G. Parra-Olea, F. Bolaños, J.J. Calvo Domingo, T. Halliday, J.B. Murphy, M.H. Wake, L.A. Coloma, S.L. Kuzmin, M.S. Price, K.M. Howell, M. Lau, R. Pethiyagoda, M. Boone, M.J. Lannoo, A.R. Blaustein, A. Dobson, R.A. Griffiths, M.L. Crump, D.B. Wake, E.D. Brodie Jr in: Science, Vol. 313 (2006), p. 1541-1542
1038   Artikel: Functional recovery of biofilm bacterial communities after copper exposure.
M.E.Y. Boivin, B. Massieux, A.M. Breure, G.D. Greve, M. Rutgers, W. Admiraal in: Environmental Pollution, Vol. 140 (2006), p. 239-246
1039   Artikel: Development and application of a sediment toxicity test using the benthic cladoceran Chydorus sphaericus.
T. Dekker, G.D. Greve, W. Admiraal, T.L. ter Laak, M.E. Boivin, B. Veuger in: Environmental Pollution, Vol. 140 (2006), p. 231-238
1040   Proefschrift: Supramolecular ligands in transition metal catalysis
M. Kuil (2006), p. 213