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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2005

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31   Artikel: PDL for Ordered Trees
L. Afanasiev, P. Blackburn, I. Dimitriou, B. Gaiffe, E. Goris, M.J. Marx, M. de Rijke in: Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, Vol. 15 (2005), p. 115-135
32   Artikel: Simulation of three-dimensional phytoplankton dynamics: competition in light -limited environments
N.N. Pham Thi, J. Huisman, B.P. Sommeijer in: Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 174 (2005), p. 57-77
33   Artikel: NaOH and Na4P2O7 extractable organic matter in two allophanic volcanic ash soils of the Azores Islands - a pyrolysis GC/MS study
K.G.J. Nierop, P.F. van Bergen, P. Buurman, B. van Lagen in: Geoderma, Vol. 127 (2005), p. 36-51
34   Artikel: Changes in the molecular composition of ester-bound aliphatics with depth in an acid forest soil
D.F.W. Naafs, K.G.J. Nierop, P.F. van Bergen, J.W. de Leeuw in: Geoderma, Vol. 127 (2005), p. 130-136
35  download 17881 Hoofdstuk: Briefing papers of the fourth SCAPE workshop in As (NO)
S. van Asselen in: Briefing papers of the fourth SCAPE workshop in As, (NO) (2005), p. 1-95
36  download 196664 Proefschrift: Ultrafast fluorescence studies of excited-state hydrogen transfer reactions in solution
P.W. Toele (2005), p. 124
37  download 39646 Proefschrift: Explaining behaviour: using qualitative simulation in interactive learning environments
A.J. Bouwer (2005), p. ix, 235
38  download 15042 Proefschrift: Nature's way to protect a hydrogen catalyst against oxygen : the active site and the mechanism of action of the soluble NAD+- reducing [NiFe]-hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha
H.P. van der Linden (2005), p. 126
39  download 362343 Proefschrift: Relativistic jets from stellar black holes
E. Gallo (2005), p. iii, 182
40  download 15981 Proefschrift: Impact of toxicants on species composition of aquatic communities : concordance of predictions and field
D. de Zwart (2005), p. 212