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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2005

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1331   Artikel: High-Tc superconductivity as an indirect-exchange phenomenon - a faceted analysis
L. Jansen, R. Block in: Physica. A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Vol. 353 (2005), p. 235-257
1332   Hoofdstuk: When alleles meet: Paramutation.
M.L.D. Louwers, M. Haring, M. Stam in: Plant Epigenetics (2005), p. 134-173
1333   Rapport: BioCASE. Biodiversity Collection Access Service for Europe. Legal and Business position (Final report).
H.A. ten Hove, W. Los (2005)
1334   Artikel: Heterosite effects in novel heteronuclear clusters [Os2Ru(CO)11(PPh3)] and [Os2Ru(CO)10(2-acetylpyridine-N-isopropylimine)]
F.W. Vergeer, M. Lutz, A.L. Spek, M.J. Calhorda, D.J. Stufkens, F. Hartl in: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 11 (2005), p. 1434-1948
1335   Artikel: Redox Control of Light-Induced Charge Separation in a Transition Metal Cluster: Photochemistry of a Methyl Viologen-Substituted [Os3(CO)10(α-diimine)] Cluster
F.W. Vergeer, C.J. Kleverlaan, P. Matousek, M. Towrie, D.J. Stufkens, F. Hartl in: Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 44 (2005), p. 1319-1331
1336  download 125976 Artikel: The effect of the reduction temperature on the structure of Cu/ZnO/SiO2 catalysts for methanol synthesis
E. Batyrev, J.C. van den Heuvel, J. Beckers, W.P.A. Jansen, H.L. Castricum in: Journal of Catalysis, Vol. 229 (2005), p. 136-143
1337   Artikel: A novel method to model emulsion polymerization kinetics: The explicit radical-particle size distribution approach
X. Reynhout, J. Meuldijk, A.A.H. Drinkenburg, P.D. Iedema, M. Wulkow in: POLYM-PLAST TECHNOL, Vol. 44 (2005), p. 707-740
1338   Artikel: Experimental validation of the explicit radical-particle size distribution approach for modeling emulsion polymerization: The seeded emulsion polymerization of styrene
X. Reynhout, J. Meuldijk, A.A.H. Drinkenburg, P.D. Iedema in: POLYM-PLAST TECHNOL, Vol. 44 (2005), p. 741-754
1339   Artikel: Combined length scales in dissipative particle dynamics
J.A. Backer, C.P. Lowe, H.C.J. Hoefsloot, P.D. Iedema in: Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 123 (2005), p. 114905/1-114905/10
1340   Hoofdstuk: Molecular architecture of ldPE
P.D. Iedema, H.C.J. Hoefsloot in: Presentation 3rd European Conference on the Reaction Engineering of Polyolefins (ECOREP-III) (2005), p. 130-133