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Zoekopdracht: faculteit: "FNWI" en publicatiejaar: "2005"

AuteursB. Magnini, A. Vallin, C. Ayache, G. Erbach, A. Penas, M. de Rijke, P. Rocha, K. Simov, R. Sutcliffe
TitelOverview of the CLEF 2004 Multilingual Question Answering Track
Boek/bron titelMultilingual Information Access for Text, Speech and Images: Results of the Fifth CLEF Evaluation Campaign
Auteurs/EditorsC. Peter, P.D. Clough, G.J.F. Jones, J. Gonzalo, M. Kluck, B. Magnini
FaculteitFaculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Instituut/afd.FNWI: Informatics Institute (II)
TrefwoordenQuestion Answering Systems
Basisclassificatie54.69 computer science: information systems: other
SamenvattingFollowing the pilot Question Answering Track at CLEF 2003, a new evaluation exercise for multilingual QA systems took place in 2004. This paper reports on the novelties introduced in the new campaign and on participants? results. Almost all the cross-language combinations between nine source languages and seven target languages were exploited to set up more than fifty different tasks, both monolingual and bilingual. New types of questions (How questions
and definition questions) were given as input to the participating systems, while just one exact answer per question was allowed as output. The evaluation exercise has highlighted some difficulties in assessing definition questions and can be improved in the future, but the overall analysis of submissions shows encouraging results.
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