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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2004

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31   Artikel: Vibrational relaxation of liquid water in ionic solvation shells
M.F. Kropman, H.J. Bakker in: Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 126 (2004), p. 9135-9141
32   Artikel: Towards time-resolved THz imaging
P.C.M. Planken, H.J. Bakker in: Applied physics. A, Materials science & processing, Vol. A78 (2004), p. 465-469
33  download 88403 Proefschrift: The application of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to the study of museum objects
L.A. Glinsman (2004), p. 148
34   Artikel: Degradation of the ruthenium-based metathesis catalyst [RuCl2(:CHPh)(H2IPr)(PCy3)] with primary alcohols
D. Banti, J.C. Mol in: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 689 (2004), p. 3113-3116
35   Artikel: Industrial applications of olefin metathesis
J.C. Mol in: Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical, Vol. 213 (2004), p. 39-45
36   Artikel: Synthesis of nitrogen-containing spiro compounds from lactams by allylboration and subsequent ring-closing metathesis
P. Nieczypor, J.C. Mol, N.B. Bespalova, Y.N. Bubnov in: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 4 (2004), p. 812-819
37   Artikel: Catalytic Metathesis of Unsaturated Fatty Acid Esters and Oils
J.C. Mol in: Topics in Catalysis, Vol. 27 (2004), p. 97-104
38   Artikel: Separation and characterization of functional poly(n-butyl acrylate) by critical liquid chromatography
X. Jiang, P.J. Schoenmakers, X. Lou, V. Lima, J.L.J. van Dongen, J. Brokken-Zijp in: Journal of Chromatography A, Vol. 1060 (2004), p. 227-252
39  download 125980 Artikel: Step response and transient isotopic labeling studies into the mechanism of CO oxidation over La0.8Ce0.2MnO3 perovskite
Y. Zhang, L.M. van der Zande, H.L. Castricum, A. Bliek in: Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, Vol. 54 (2004), p. 93-103
40  download 125987 Artikel: Hydrophobic modification of gamma-alumina membranes with organochlorosilanes
A. Sah, H.L. Castricum, A. Bliek, D.H.A. Blank, J.E. ten Elshof in: Journal of Membrane Science, Vol. 243 (2004), p. 125-132