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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2004

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1441  download 51639 Artikel: Geometric properties of two-dimensional critical and tricritical Potts models
Y.J. Deng, H.W.J. Blote, B. Nienhuis in: Physical Review E, Vol. 69 (2004), p. 26123-
1442   Artikel: Parafermionic theory with the symmetry Z(N), for N even
V.S. Dotsenko, J.L. Jacobsen, R. Santachiara in: Nuclear Physics B, Vol. 679 (2004), p. 464-494
1443   Artikel: Conformal field theories with ZN and Lie algebra symmetries
V.S. Dotsenko, J.L. Jacobsen, R. Santachiara in: Physics Letters B, Vol. 584 (2004), p. 186-191
1444   Artikel: The raise and peel model of a fluctuating interface
J.C. de Gier, B. Nienhuis, P.A. Pearce, V. Rittenberg in: Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 114 (2004), p. 1-35
1445   Artikel: Parallel dynamics of disordered Ising spin systems on finitely connected random graphs
J.P.L. Hatchett, B. Wemmenhove, I. Perez-Castillo, T. Nikoletopoulos, N.S. Skantzos, A.C.C. Coolen in: Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and general, Vol. 37 (2004), p. 6201-6220
1446   Artikel: A guide to stochastic Lowner evolution and its applications
W. Kager, B. Nienhuis in: Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 115 (2004), p. 1149-1229
1447   Artikel: Exact solutions for Loewner evolutions
W. Kager, B. Nienhuis, L.P. Kadanoff in: Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 115 (2004), p. 805-822
1448   Artikel: Expansions about free-fermion models
S. Mitra in: Journal of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 45 (2004), p. 100-106
1449  download 43384 Artikel: Uranus's anomalously low excess heat constrains strongly interacting dark matter
S. Mitra in: Physical Review D, Vol. 70 (2004), p. 103517-
1450   Artikel: Exact conjectured expressions for correlations in the dense O(1)loop model on cylinders
S. Mitra, B. Nienhuis in: Journal of Statistical Mechanics : Theory and Experiment (2004), p. 10006-