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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2002

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41   Artikel: Corticosterone and stress reduce synaptic potentiation in mouse hippocampal slices with mild stimulations.
D.N. Alfarez, O. Wiegert, M. Joels, H. Krugers in: Neuroscience, Vol. 115 (2002), p. 119-26
42   Artikel: Glucocorticoids alter calcium conductances and calcium channel submit expression in basolateral amygdala neurons.
H. Karst, E. Velzing, L. Rumpff-van Essen, E.A. Slagter, P. Shinnick-Gallagher, M. Joels in: European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 16 (2002), p. 1083-9
43  download 18523 Artikel: Determination of material properties by use of third-harmonic generation microscopy.
J.M. Schins, Th. Schrama, J Squier, G.J. Brakenhoff, M. Muller in: Journal of the Optical Society of America B - Optical Physics, Vol. 19 (2002), p. 1627-1634
44  download 18524 Artikel: Chemical specificity in 3D imaging with multiplex CARS microscopy.
G.W.H. dr. Wurpel, J.M. Schins, M. Muller in: Optics Letters, Vol. 27 (2002), p. 1093-1095
45   Artikel: Evidence from northwest European bogs shows 'Little Ice Age' climatic changes driven by variations in solar activity
D.S. Mauquoy, B. van Geel, M.A. Blaauw, J. van der Plicht in: Holocene, Vol. 12 (2002), p. 1-6
46   Artikel: High-resolution records of late-Holocene climate change and carbon accumulation in two north-west European ombrotrophic peat bogs
D.S. Mauquoy, T. Engelkes, M.H.M. Groot, F. Markesteijn, M.G. Oudejans, J. van der Plicht, B. van Geel in: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol. 186 (2002), p. 275-310
47   Artikel: Biomarkers as proxies for plant inputs to peats: an example from a sub-boreal ombrotrophic bog
R.D. Pancost, M. Baas, B. van Geel, J.S. Sinninghe Damste in: Organic Geochemistry, Vol. 33 (2002), p. 675-690
48   Artikel: Toward solving the UV puzzle
J. Rozema, B. van Geel, L.O. Bjorn, J. Lean, S. Madronich in: Science, Vol. 296 (2002), p. 1621-1622
49   Artikel: Callyspongynic acid, a polyacetylenic acid which inhibits alpha-Glucosidase, from the marine sponge Callyspongia truncata
Y. Nakao, T. Uehara, S. Matsunaga, N. Fusetani, R.W.M. van Soest in: Journal of natural products, Vol. 65 (2002), p. 922-924
50   Artikel: Evidence for solar forcing of climate change at ca. 850 cal BC from a Czech peat sequence
A.O.M. Speranza, B. van Geel, J. van der Plicht in: Global and Planetary Change, Vol. 35 (2002), p. 51-65