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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2002

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311   Artikel: Quantitative analysis of copolymers: The influence of the structure of the monomer on the ionisation efficiency in electrospray FTMS
S Koster, B Mulder, M.C. Duursma, J.J. Boon, H.J.A. Philipsen, J.W. Velde, M.W.F. Nielen, C.G. de Koster, R.M.A. Heeren in: Macromolecules, Vol. 35 (2002), p. 4919-4928
312  download 65172 Proefschrift: Random walks in stochastic surroundings
S.W.W. Rolles (2002)
313   Hoofdstuk: VLT/ISAAC Spectroscopy of Young Massive Stars Embedded in Ultra-Compact H ii Regions
L. Kaper, A. Bik, M.M. Hanson, F. Comeron in: The Origins of Stars and Planets: The VLT View (2002), p. 291-
314  download 64490 Proefschrift: Numerical methods for atmospheric flow and circulation problems
D. Lanser (2002)
315   Artikel: Isomer separation of hyperbranched polyesteramides with gas-phase H/D exchange and a novel MSn approach: DoDIP
S Koster, M.C. Duursma, X. Guo, R.A.T.M. van Benthem, C.G. de Koster, J.J. Boon, R.M.A. Heeren in: Journal of Mass Spectrometry, Vol. 37 (2002), p. 792-802
316  download 64627 Proefschrift: On the Gleason problem
F.A.M.O. Lemmers (2002)
317  download 64507 Proefschrift: Numerical methods for steady free surface flows
E.H. van Brummelen (2002)
318   Artikel: The circumstellar material around SN IIn 1997eg: another detection of a very narrow P Cygni profile
M.I. de Salamanca, R.J. Terlevich, G. Tenorio-Tagle in: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 330 (2002), p. 844-854
319  download 33931 Artikel: Toward an Empirical Theory of Pulsar Emission. VII. On the Spectral Behavior of Conal Beam Radii and Emission Heights
D. Mitra, J.M. Rankin in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 577 (2002), p. 322-336
320  download 5624 Artikel: Oviposition patterns in a predatory mite: Avoiding the risk of egg predation caused by prey.
F. Faraji, A. Janssen, M.W. Sabelis in: Ecological Entomology, Vol. 27 (2002), p. 660-664