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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2002

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301  download 62242 Proefschrift: Detecting R-parity violation in the Atlas inner detector
E.J. Buis (2002), p. 139
302  download 64010 Proefschrift: Measurement of Z boson pair production and a search for the Higgs boson in e+e- collisions at LEP
I.B. van Vulpen (2002), p. 144
303   Boekbespreking: Review of: from DNA to Diversity. Molecular Genetics and the evolution of animal design
R.A. Jenner in: Palaeontological Association Newsletter, Vol. 51 (2002), p. 43-47 , From DNA to diversity. Molecular genetics and the evolution of animal design
304   Artikel: Powder diffraction study of the hydrogen bonds in nitroxoline and its hydrochloride.
A.V. Yatsenko, K.A. Paseshnichenko, V.V. Chernyshev, H. Schenk in: Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Vol. 58 (2002), p. o19-o21
305   Artikel: The coordination behaviour of large natural bite angle diphosphine ligands towards methyl and 4-cyanophenylpalladium(II) complexes.
M.A. Zuideveld, B.H.G. Swennenhuis, M.D.K. Boele, Y. Guari, G.P.F. van Strijdonck, J.N.H. Reek, P.C.J. Kamer, K. Goubitz, J. Fraanje, M. Lutz, A.L. Spek, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen in: Journal of the Chemical Society, Vol. 11 (2002), p. 2308-2317
306   Artikel: LC-MS of Synthetic Polymers, The Parable of the Lame and the Blind
P.J. Schoenmakers, C.G. de Koster in: LC GC Europe, Vol. 15 (2002), p. 38-43
307  download 65101 Proefschrift: Quality improvement from the viewpoint of statistical method
J. de Mast (2002)
308   Artikel: Methyl- and acetylpalladium(II) complexes containing a P,N,O tridentate hydrazone ligand.
P. Pelagatti, A. Bacchi, M. Carcelli, M. Costa, H.W. Fruhauf, K. Goubitz, C. Pelizzi, M. Triclistri, K. Vrieze in: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 2002 (2002), p. 439-446
309   Hoofdstuk: The Nature of the Host Galaxy of GRB 010222
M.I. de Salamanca, P.M. Vreeswijk, L. Kaper, E. Rol, E.P.J. van den Heuvel, N. Tanvir, S. Ellison in: Lighthouses of the Universe: The Most Luminous Celestial Objects and Their Use for Cosmology (2002), p. 197-200
310   Artikel: 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition to the Fe-S=C fragment 20. Preparation and properties of carbonyliron complexes of di-thiooxamide. Reactivity of the mononuclear (di-thiooxamide)Fe(CO)(3) towards dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate
R. Siebenlist, H.-W. Fruhauf, H. Kooijman, N. Veldman, A.L. Spek, K. Goubitz, J. Fraanje in: Inorganica Chimica Acta, Vol. 327 (2002), p. 66-89