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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2002

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1311   Artikel: A new species of living scallop of the genus Anguipecten (Bivalvia, Pectinidae) from the tropical Indo-Pacific
H.H. Dijkstra in: Basteria, Vol. 66 (2002), p. 139-142
1312   Artikel: A generalization of Kummer's Identity
R. Vidunas in: ROCKY MT J MATH, Vol. 32 (2002), p. 919-936
1313   Artikel: A new species of living glass-scallop, genus Similipecten (Bivalvia, Propeamussiidae) from the Bahama Islands (West Indies)
H.H. Dijkstra in: Basteria, Vol. 66 (2002), p. 189-192
1314   Artikel: Permeable conformal walls and holography
C. Bachas, J. de Boer, R.H. Dijkgraaf, H. Ooguri in: The Journal of High Energy Physics, Vol. 6 (2002), p. 33
1315   Artikel: Vepricardium vidali spec. nov. from southern Arabia, Oman and Yemen
J.J. ter Poorten, H. Dekker, R.G. Moolenbeek in: Basteria, Vol. 66 (2002), p. 101-105
1316   Artikel: Quasi-periodically forced nonlinear Helmholtz oscillators
A. Doelman, A. Femius Koenderink, L.R.M. Maas in: Physica D, Vol. 164 (2002), p. 1-27
1317   Artikel: 19th century Naples Yellow re-examined.
J. Dik, F.D. Tichelaar, K. Goubitz, R. Peschar, H. Schenk in: Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung, Vol. 16 (2002), p. 291-306
1318   Hoofdstuk: Incorporating process knowledge in spatio-temporal interpolation of environmental variables
G.B.M. Heuvelink in: Book of abstracts "Theoretical developments and applications of spatial analysis in the environmental, earth and agricultural sciences (2002)
1319   Hoofdstuk: Scale issues in statistical validation of an environmental model chain
U. Leopold, G.B.M. Heuvelink, A. Tiktak in: Proceedings of the 8th annual conference of the international association for mathematical geology (2002), p. 99-100
1320  download 33955 Artikel: Properties of the close binary and circumbinary torus of the Red Rectangle
A.B. Men'shchikov, D. Schertl, P.G. Tuthill, G. Weigelt, L. Yungelson in: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 393 (2002), p. 867-885