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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2002

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1161  download 29002 Artikel: Preditory impact of the freshwater invader Dikerogammarus vilosus (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
J.T.A. Dick, D. Platvoet, D.W. Kelly in: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Vol. 59 (2002), p. 1078-1084
1162   Artikel: Gas and liquid phase mass transfer within KATAPAK-S? structures studied using CFD simulations
J.M. van Baten, R. Krishna in: Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 57 (2002), p. 1531-1536
1163   Artikel: Self diffusivities in multicomponent mixtures in zeolites
R. Krishna, D.H. Paschek in: PCCP. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol. 4 (2002), p. 1891-1898
1164   Artikel: Improving gas-liquid contacting in bubble columns by vibration excitement
R. Krishna, J. Ellenberger in: International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 28 (2002), p. 1223-1234
1165  download 9203 Artikel: Entropy effects during sorption of alkanes in zeolites
R. Krishna, B. Smit, S. Calero Diaz in: Chemical Society reviews, Vol. 31 (2002), p. 185-194
1166   Artikel: Influence of interphase mass transfer on the composition trajectories and crossing of boundaries in ternary azeotropic distillation
P.A.M. Springer, R. Krishna in: Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 29 (2002), p. 1-13
1167   Hoofdstuk: Bath generated work extraction in two-level systems
C. Pombo, A. Allahverdyan, T.M. Nieuwenhuizen in: Quantum Limits to the Second Law, AIP Conf. Proc. (2002), p. 258-
1168   Hoofdstuk: Unmasking Maxwell's Demon
T.M. Nieuwenhuizen, A. Allahverdyan in: Quantum Limits to the Second Law, AIP Conf. Proc. (2002), p. 436-441
1169  download 33892 Artikel: Walks of molecular motors in two and three dimensions
T.M. Nieuwenhuizen, R. Lipowsky, S. Klummp in: Europhysics Letters, Vol. 58 (2002), p. 469-474
1170   Artikel: An Elementary Proof of Lyapunov Exponent Pairing for Hard-Sphere Systems at Constant Kinetic Energy
D. Panja, R. van Zon in: Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 109 (2002), p. 705-727