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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2002

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1121   Hoofdstuk: The Multi-Mode Mosaic Framework for Automated Microscopy and Analysis
P. van Osta, K. Verdonck, J.M. Geusebroek, L. Bols, J. Geysen in: Microscience International Conference and Exhibition (2002), p. 32
1122   Hoofdstuk: Application of Linear Scale Space and the Spatial Color Model in Microscopy
P. van Osta, K. Verdonck, L. Bols, J. Geysen, J.M. Geusebroek, B. ter Haar Romeny in: Proceedings of the Joint Micoscopy Meeting (2002), p. 369-370
1123   Hoofdstuk: Material Recognition for Content Based Image Retrieval
J.M. Geusebroek in: Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval Seminar (2002), p. 5
1124   Hoofdstuk: Measurement of Color Texture
M.A. Hoang, J.M. Geusebroek in: ASCI'02, Proceedings of the eigth annual conference of the Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (2002), p. 75-82
1125   Hoofdstuk: A Physical Explanation for Natural Image Statistics
J.M. Geusebroek, A.W.M. Smeulders in: Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (2002)
1126   Hoofdstuk: Confidence Measures for Block Matching Motion Estimation
I. Patras, E.A. Hendriks, R.L. Lagendijk in: IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (2002)
1127   Hoofdstuk: Facial Action Recognition in Face Profile Image Sequences
M. Pantic, I. Patras, L. Rothkrantz in: IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (2002)
1128   Hoofdstuk: Regularized Patch Motion Estimation
I. Patras, M. Worring in: 16th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition (2002)
1129   Hoofdstuk: On the Equivalence of Local-Mode Finding, Robust Estimation and Mean-Shift Analysis as used in Early Vision Tasks
R. van den Boomgaard, J. van de Weijer in: International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2002 (2002), p. 30927-30930
1130   Artikel: Scaling behaviour of metal-insulator transitions in a Si/SiGe two dimensional hole gas
C. Possanzini, L. Ponomarenko, D.T.N. de Lang, A. de Visser, S.M. Olsthoorn, R. Fletcher, Y. Feng, P.T. Coleridge, R.L. Williams, J.C. Maan in: Physica E : Low-dimensial Systems & Nanostructures, Vol. 12 (2002), p. 600-603