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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2001

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851  download 58817 Proefschrift: Direct measurement of the W boson mass in $e^+ e^-$ collisions at LEP
M.P. Mulders (2001), p. 216
852  download 100812 Proefschrift: Proton structure functions at HERA
N. Tuning (2001), p. 183
853  download 445725 Proefschrift: Study of charm production by neutrinos in nuclear emulsion
O. Melzer (2001), p. 98
854  download 85624 Proefschrift: Vegetation history and climate records of Colombian lowland areas: rain forest, savanna and intermontane ecosystems
M. Wille (2001), p. 163
855   Hoofdstuk: Existence of absolutely continuous invariant probability measures for multimodal map
H. Bruin, S.J. van Strien in: Global analysis of dynamical systems: Festschrift dedicated to Floris Takens for his 60th birthday (2001), p. 433-447
856   Artikel: Sustainable chemistry: an anlysis of the concept and its integration
A. van Roon, H.A.J. Govers, J.R. Parson, J.C. van Weenen in: International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. 2 (2001), p. 161-179
857   Artikel: Slowly modulated two-pulse solutions in the Gray-Scott model. II. Geometric theory, bifurcations, and splitting
A. Doelman, W. Eckhaus, T.J. Kaper in: SIAM J APPL MATH, Vol. 61 (2001), p. 2036-2062
858   Artikel: Large stable pulse solutions in reaction-diffusion equations
A. Doelman, R.A. Gardner, T.J. Kaper in: Indiana University Mathematics Journal, Vol. 50 (2001), p. 443-507
859   Inaugurele rede: Planten: Bronnen om van te leven
A.J. van Tunen (2001), p. 23
860   Inaugurele rede: Laat de plant in haar waarde
M.A. Haring (2001), p. 24