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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2000

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161   Artikel: Influence of non-condensables on the condensation of vapour mixtures forming immiscible liquids
J.A. Copati, R. Krishna in: Int. Commun. Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 27 (2000), p. 425-434
162   Artikel: Non-equilibrium modelling of reactive distillation: A dusty fluid model for heterogeneously catalysed processes
A. Higler, R. Krishna, R. Taylor in: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol. 39 (2000), p. 1596-1607
163   Artikel: Modelling reactive distillation
R. Taylor, R. Krishna in: Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 55 (2000), p. 5183-5229
164  download 55246 Proefschrift: Adsorption and diffusion in zeolites: A computational study
T.J.H. Vlugt (2000)
165   Hoofdstuk: Advanced CBMC techniques
T.J.H. Vlugt, B. Smit in: Proc Workshop Molecular Dynamics on Parallel Computers (2000)
166  download 8903 Artikel: Diffusion of isobutane in silicalite studied by transition path sampling
T.J.H. Vlugt, C. Dellago, B. Smit in: Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 113 (2000), p. 8791-8799
167   Artikel: Influence of vacancies on the melting transition of hard disks in two dimensions
M.A. Bates, D. Frenkel in: Physical Review E, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 5223-5227
168   Artikel: Phase behavior of model mixtures of colloidal disks and polymers
M.A. Bates, D. Frenkel in: Physical Review E, Vol. 62 (2000), p. 5225-5229
169   Artikel: Phase behavior of two-dimensional hard rod fluids
M.A. Bates, D. Frenkel in: Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 112 (2000), p. 10034-10041
170   Artikel: Enhanced stability of layered phases in parallel hard spherocylinders due to addition of hard spheres
Z. Dogic, D. Frenkel, S. Fraden in: Physical Review E, Vol. 62 (2000), p. 3925-3933