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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2000

1481 tot 1490 van 1640
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1481   Artikel: Lista de la flora vascular terrestre de la cuenca superior del Rio Savegre, San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica.
M. Kappelle, E. van Omme, M.E. Juarez in: Acta Botanica Mexicana, Vol. 51 (2000), p. 1-38
1482   Artikel: Useful plants within a campesino community in a Costa Rican montane cloud forest.
M. Kappelle, G. Avertin, M.E. Juarez, N. Zamora in: Mountain Research and Development, Vol. 20 (2000), p. 162-171
1483   Artikel: Vegetation structure and composition along an interior-edge-exterior gradient in a Costa Rican montane cloud forest.
M. Oosterhorn, M. Kappelle in: Forest Ecology and Management, Vol. 126 (2000), p. 291-307
1484   Artikel: Amplification and diffusion of spontaneous emission in strongly scattering medium
K. Totsuka, G. van Soest, T. Ito, A. Lagendijk, M. Tomita in: Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 87 (2000), p. 7623-7628
1485   Artikel: Effectivity of Arakelov divisors and the theta divisor of a number field
G.B.M. van der Geer, R. Schoof in: Selecta Mathematic New Series, Vol. 6 (2000), p. 377-398
1486   Hoofdstuk: A regional perspective: analysis of Amazonian floristic composition and diversity that includes the Guiana Shield.
H. ter Steege, D. Sabatier, H. Castellano, T. van Andel, J.F. Duivenvoorden, A. Adalarda de Oliveira, R. Ek, R. Lilwah, P. Maas, S. Mori in: Plant diversity in Guyana (2000), p. 19-34
1487   Artikel: Germination and survival of tree species in disturbed forests of the highlands of Chiapos, Mexico
A. Camacho-Cruz, M. Gonzalez-Espinosa, J.H.D. Wolf, B.H.J. de Jong in: Canadian Journal of Botany, Vol. 78 (2000), p. 1309-1318
1488   Artikel: First record of the sponge genera Crambe and Discorhabdella for the Eastern Pacific, with descriptions of three new species
M. Maldonado, M.C. Carmona, R.W.M. van Soest, S.A. Pomponi in: Journal of Natural History, Vol. 35 (2000), p. 1261-1276
1489   Hoofdstuk: Multivariable hypergeometric functions
E.M. Opdam in: European Congress of Mathematics. Vol. 1 (2000), p. 491-508
1490   Hoofdstuk: Spirals and Spots: Novel Evolutionary Phenomena through Spatial Self-structuring
M.C. Boerlijst in: The Geometry of Ecological Interactions: Simplifying Spatial Complexity (2000), p. 171-182