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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1999

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351  download 34822 Artikel: A BeppoSAX observation of the supersoft source 1E 0035.4-7230
P. Kahabka, A.N. Parmar, H.W. Hartmann in: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 346 (1999), p. 452-458
352   Hoofdstuk: Localized deposition of GPI-cell wall proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
G.J. Smits, H. Sietsma, H. van den Ende, F.M. Klis in: Proceedings 7th Int. Fungal Biology Conference (1999)
353   Artikel: Hyperosmotic stress induces rapid synthesis of phosphatidyl-D-inositol 3,5-bisphosphate in plant cells
H.J.G. Meijer, N. Divecha, H. van den Ende, A. Musgrave, T. Munnik in: Planta, Vol. 208 (1999), p. 294-298
354   Artikel: Mastoparan analogues activate phospholipase C- and plospholipase D-activity in Chlamydomonas: a comparative study
J.A.J. van Himbergen, B. ter Riet, H.J.G. Meijer, H. van den Ende, A. Musgrave, T. Munnik in: Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol. 50 (1999), p. 1735-1742
355   Artikel: Temporal and spatial pattern of GAPDHc mRNA accumulation during an incompatible potato-Phytophtora infestans interaction. Comparison with a compatible interaction
M.V. Beligni, A.M. Laxalt, L. Lamattina in: Physiologia Plantarum, Vol. 105 (1999), p. 280-287
356   Artikel: Distinct osmo-sensing protein kinase pathways are involved in signalling moderate and severe hyper-osmotic stress
T. Munnik, W. Ligterink, I. Meskiene, O. Calderini, J. Beyerly, A. Musgrave, H. Hirt in: Plant Journal, Vol. 20 (1999), p. 381-388
357   Artikel: Distinct calcium signaling pathways regulate calmodulin gene expression in tobacco
A.H. van der Luit, C. Olivari, A. Haley, M.R. Knight, A.J. Trewavas in: Plant Physiology, Vol. 121 (1999), p. 705-714
358   Artikel: Partial characterization of the potato F1F0-ATPase gamma subunit cDNA and its regulation during infection and elicitor treatment in potato
E. Madrid, A.M. Laxalt, M.V. Beligni, L. Lamattina in: Physiologia Plantarum, Vol. 105 (1999), p. 304-311
359   Artikel: Localization of synthesis of beta1,6-glucan in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
R.C. Montijn, E. Vink, W.H. Muller, A.J. Verkleij, H. van den Ende, B. Henrissat, F.M. Klis in: Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 181 (1999), p. 7414-7420
360   Artikel: Identification of the essential EPE1 gene involved in retention of secreted proteins on the cell surface of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells
K.I. Alexieva, F.M. Klis, H. Wedler, R. Wambutt, P. Venkov in: INT J BIOCHEM CELL B, Vol. 31 (1999), p. 903-914