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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1999

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1021   Artikel: Parallel Stoermer-Cowell methods for high precision orbit computations
P.J. van der Houwen, E. Messina, J.J.B. de Swart in: Applied Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 31 (1999), p. 353-374
1022   Artikel: Limit laws for exponential families
A.A. Balkema, C. Kluppelberg, S.I. Resnick in: Bernoulli, Vol. 5 (1999), p. 951-968
1023   Artikel: Handling multivariate problems with univariate control charts
R.J.M.M. Does, C.B. Roes, A. Trip in: Journal of Chemometrics, Vol. 13 (1999), p. 353-369
1024   Artikel: Effective application of Q(R) charts in low-volume manufacturing
C.B. Roes, R.J.M.M. Does, B.S. Jonkers in: Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol. 15 (1999), p. 175-190
1025   Artikel: Approximations of normal IRT models for change
E.S. Tan, A.W. Ambergen, R.J.M.M. Does, TJ. Imbos in: Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Vol. 24 (1999), p. 208-223
1026   Artikel: Hoe hangt een ketting?
J. van de Craats in: Nieuwe Wiskrant, Vol. 19 (1999), p. 32-36
1027   Hoofdstuk: Three-dimensional superresolution imaging of single molecules by spectrally selective confocal microscopy
G.J. Brakenhoff, A.M.extern van Oijen, J. Kohler, M. Muller, J Schmidt in: Proceedings SPIE (1999), p. 82-92
1028   Hoofdstuk: ASCA and radio/RXTE observations og\f GX 339-4
M.A. Nowak, J. Wilms, J.B. Dove, R.P. Fender in: High energy processes in accreting black holes (1999), p. 141-146
1029   Artikel: Neogene species of Pseudamussium (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Pectinidae) from Belgium
R. Marquet, H.H. Dijkstra in: Contr. Tert. Quatern. Geol., Vol. 36 (1999), p. 45-57
1030   Artikel: Global diversity of land planarians (Platyhelminthes, Tricladia, Terricola): a new indicator taxon in biodiversity and conservation studies).
R. Sluys in: Biodiversity and Conservation, Vol. 8 (1999), p. 1663-1681