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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1997

1131 tot 1140 van 1863
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1131  download 33505 Artikel: On the integrability of the square-triangle random tiling model
J.C. de Gier, B. Nienhuis in: Physical Review E, Vol. 55 (1997), p. 3926-3933
1132  download 33521 Artikel: The exact solution of an octagonal rectangle triangle random tiling
J.C. de Gier, B. Nienhuis in: Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 87 (1997), p. 415-437
1133  download 33612 Artikel: Scaling limit of the Ising model in a field
U.G. Grimm, B. Nienhuis in: Physical Review E, Vol. 55 (1997), p. 5011-5025
1134   Rapport: Spatial patterns of Forest site factors in the Krkonose National Park, Czech Republic
I.M. Emmer, J. Sevink, P. Balvers (1997)
1135   Rapport: Field monitoring of litter decomposition, soil nitrogen dynamics and soil temperatures, 1995 - 1996
I.M. Emmer (1997)
1136   Rapport: Reversing borealization as a means to restore biodiversity in Central-European mountain forests - An example from the Krkonose mountains, Czech Republic
I.M. Emmer, J. Fanta, A.J.TH. Kobus, J. Sevink, A.M. Kooijman (1997)
1137   Artikel: Spatial variation of humus form characteristics and its implications for humus form research in monospecies Pinus sylvestris stands
I.M. Emmer in: Lesnictv√≠, Vol. 43 (1997), p. 503-518
1138  download 32684 Artikel: Desorption kinetics of ...
G. Cornelissen, P.C.M. van Noort, H.A.J. Govers in: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Vol. - (1997), p. 1351-1357
1139   Rapport: Restoration of soil organic profiles in the Krkonose mountains, Czech Republic
I.M. Emmer, J. Sevink, J. Fanta, A.J.TH. Kobus, K. Bierhoff, W.C. Lubrecht (1997)
1140   Artikel: In discussion of: J. Bouma, The role of quantitative approaches when interacting with stake holder
G.B.M. Heuvelink in: Geoderma, Vol. 78 (1997), p. 16-17