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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1996

751 tot 760 van 1937
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751   Artikel: Mirabilopsaltria, a new cicada genus from new Guinea, its taxonomy and biogeography
A.J. de Boer in: Tropical Zoology (1996), p. 349-379
752  download 29783 Artikel: Historical biogeography of the cicadas of Wallacea, new Guinea and the West Pacific: a geotectonic explanation
A.J. de Boer, J.P. Duffels in: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol. - (1996), p. 153-177
753   Hoofdstuk: Biogeography of Indo-Pacific cicadas east of Wallace's Line
A.J. de Boer, J.P. Duffels, S.A. Ulenberg in: The origin and evolution of pscific island Biotas, new Guinea to eastern Polynesia: Patterns and Processes (1996), p. 33
754   Artikel: Ultrasome cyprinae in natural and cultured mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis LmK) populations in Mexico
J Caaceras-Martinez, R. Vasquez-Yeoma, R. Sluys in: Bull. Eur. Ass. Fish pathol. (1996), p. 200-202
755  download 30501 Artikel: Molecular control analysis: Control within proteins and molecular processes.
G.C. Brown, H.V. Westerhoff, B.N. Kholodenko in: Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 182 (1996), p. 389-396
756   Artikel: The possible control of chaos in chronic inflammation
J.H. Daams, H.V. Westerhoff in: Clinical rheumatology, Vol. 15 (1996), p. 34-39
757   Proefschrift: Communication, Synchronization & Fault Tolerance
J.H. Hoepman (1996)
758   Artikel: Factors influencing changing AP/NAP ratios in NW-Europe during the Late-Glacial period
B. van Geel in: Il Quaternario, Vol. 9 (1996), p. 599-604
759   Hoofdstuk: Application of the desertification response unit methodology to multi-scale assessment of Rangeland soil quality.
A.C. Imeson, J.E. Herrick, K.M. Havstad in: Agronomy Abstracts (1996), p. 224-224
760   Hoofdstuk: Resultater af EF-unders?gelsen (Annoyance from windturbine noise on sixteen locations in three countries
M. Wolsink in: Genevirkning af st?j fra vindm?ller (1996), p. A6 1-A6 5