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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1995

1181 tot 1190 van 1952
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1181   Hoofdstuk: Ising spins on the Labyrinth
U.G. Grimm, M. Baake, H. Simon in: Proceedings of the 5th Int. Conf. on Quasicrystals (1995), p. 80-83
1182   Artikel: Convergence analysis of the defect-correction iteration for hyperbolic problems
J.A. Desideri, P.W. Hemker in: SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol. 16 (1995), p. 88-118
1183  download 31941 Artikel: Yang-Baxter algebras based on the two-colour BWM algebra
U.G. Grimm, S.O. Warnaar in: Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and general, Vol. 28 (1995), p. 7197-7207
1184  download 7482 Artikel: Boundary effects in a magnetized free-electron gas: Green function approach
P. John, L.G. Suttorp in: Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and general, Vol. 28 (1995), p. 6087-6097
1185   Artikel: Phase diagram for the superfluid fermigas in a strong magnetic field
M.Y. Kagan, M.A. Baranov, D.V. Efremov, M.S. Mar'enko, P. Brussaard, C.G. van Weert, H.W. Capel in: JETP Letters, Vol. 62 (1995), p. 610-616
1186  download 40261 Artikel: Externally induced changes in chaotic behaviour: a phase transition
R. Kluiving, H.W. Capel, R.A. Pasmanter in: Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, Vol. 5 (1995), p. 213-228
1187   Artikel: Time-dependent distribution of the workload in M/G/1 queues with vacations
T.D. Cong in: J. Ops. Res. Soc. Japan (1995)
1188   Hoofdstuk: On the manifestations of random effects in turbulence,
R. Kluiving in: Chance and Uncertainty (1995), p. 61-86
1189  download 35083 Artikel: Chaotic scattering in reactive collisions: A classical analysis
Z. Kovacs, L. Wiesenfeld in: Physical Review E, Vol. 51 (1995), p. 5476-5494
1190   Artikel: Local bifurcations on the plane with reversing point group symmetry
J.S.W. Lamb, H.W. Capel in: Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, Vol. 5 (1995), p. 271-293