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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1994

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631   Proefschrift: Gas-Liquid Flow with Low Liquid Loading in Slightly Inclined Pipes.
E. Grolman (1994)
632   Hoofdstuk: Gas-Liquid Flow Splitting in Regular, Reduced and Imparting T-junction.
M. Ottens, A. Swart, H.C.J. Hoefsloot, P.J. Hamersma in: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Multiphase Flow Dynamics in Industrial Plants, Ancona, Oct. 6-7. (1994), p. 26-37
633   Hoofdstuk: Improve Separations!
R. Krishna, J.A. Wesselingh in: Separation Technology: The Next Ten Years. (1994)
634   Artikel: Influence of increased gas density on the hydrodynamics of bubble column reactors.
R. Krishna, J.W.A. de Swart, D.E. Hennephof, J. Ellenberger, H.C.J. Hoefsloot in: AICHE Journal, Vol. 40 (1994), p. 112-119
635   Artikel: A Systems approach to Multiphase Reactor Selection. Advances in Chemical Engineering.
R. Krishna in: Academic Press, New York, Vol. 20 (1994), p. 201-249
636  download 31569 Artikel: Influence of age and structure of Penicillium chrysogenum pellets on the internal concentration profiles
C.C.H. Cronenberg, S.P.P. Ottengraf, J.C. van den Heuvel, F. Pottel, D. Sziele, K. Schügerl, K.H. Bellgardt in: Bioprocess engineering, Vol. 10 (1994), p. 209-216
637   Artikel: Technologie of trickling filters.
R.M.M. Diks, S.P.P. Ottengraf in: VDI-Berichte, Vol. 1104 (1994), p. 19-37
638  download 31590 Artikel: The influence of NaCl on the degradation rate of dichloromethane by Hyphomicrobium sp.
R.M.M. Diks, S.P.P. Ottengraf, A.H.C. van den Oever in: Biodegradation, Vol. 5 (1994), p. 129-141
639   Artikel: The existence of a biological equilibrium in a trickling filter for waste gas purification.
R.M.M. Diks, S.P.P. Ottengraf, S. Vrijland in: Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol. 44 (1994), p. 1279-1287
640   Artikel: In memoriam: Kees Rietema.
A.A.H. Drinkenburg, S.P.P. Ottengraf, W.P.M. Swaaij in: Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 49 (1994), p. 1491-1492