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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1994

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511   Artikel: The Dutch foredunes: inventory and classification
S.M. Arens, J. Wiersma in: Journal of Coastal Research, Vol. 10 (1994), p. 189-202
512   Hoofdstuk: Integration of MEG, EEG, and MRI.
H.J. Wieringa, M.J. Peters, F.H. Lopes da Silva in: Functional Neuroimaging (1994), p. 279-287
513   Rapport: Modellering zandtransport zeereep; conceptueel model.
S.M. Arens (1994)
514  download 36300 Artikel: NMR at elevated gas pressures and its application to homogeneous catalysis
C.J. Elsevier in: Journal of Molecular Catalysis, Vol. 92 (1994), p. 285-297
515  download 29391 Artikel: Oxidative addition of organic halides to zerovalent palladium complexes containing rigid bidentate nitrogen ligands
R. van Asselt, K. Vrieze, C.J. Elsevier in: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 480 (1994), p. 27-40
516   Hoofdstuk: Actual aeolien transport rates on a beach in a temperate humid climate.
S.M. Arens in: Abstracts of a workshop; Response of aeolien processes to global change (1994), p. 7-9
517  download 38116 Artikel: Air oxidation of trans-[PtBr{C(H)=C=CMesub2}(PPhsub3)sub2] to the hydroperoxyalkynylplatinum(II) compound trans-[PtBr{C=CCMesub2(OOH)}(PPhsub3)sub2]
J.M. Wouters, K. Vrieze, C.J. Elsevier, M.C. Zoutberg, K. Goubitz in: Organometallics, Vol. 13 (1994), p. 1510-1513
518  download 37113 Artikel: The effect of rainfall intensity on surface runoff and sediment yield in the grey dunes along the Dutch coast under conditions of limited rainfall acceptance
P.D. Jungerius, M.J. ten Harkel in: Catena, Vol. 23 (1994), p. 269-279
519  download 38115 Artikel: Synthesis of trans-(sigma-allenyl)platinum(II) and -palladium (II) compounds. X-ray crystal structure of trans-[PtBr{C(H)=C=CMesub2}(PPhsub3)sub2] and highly diastereoselective trans-cis isomerization of (sigma-allenyl)palladium (II) bromides
J.M. Wouters, R.A. Klein, C.J. Elsevier, L. Haming, C.H. Stam in: Organometallics, Vol. 13 (1994), p. 4586-4593
520  download 31602 Artikel: 1,3 Dipolar cycloaddition to the Fe-N=C fragment. 14. Aromatic isothiocyanates as dipolarophiles. Reversible formation of novel [3.2.2] bicyclic double isocyanide deinsertion reactions. Thermodynamics of Isocyanide
N. Feiken, H.-W. Fruhauf, K. Vrieze, J. Fraanje, K. Goubitz in: Organometallics, Vol. 13 (1994), p. 2825-2832