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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1994

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341   Artikel: Nighttime free convection characteristics within a plant canopy
A.F.G. Jacobs, J.H. van Boxel, R.M.M. El-Kilani in: Boundary Layer Meteorology, Vol. 71 (1994), p. 375-391
342   Artikel: Soil water dynamics and long-term water balances of a Douglas Fir stand in the Netherlands
A. Tiktak, W. Bouten in: Journal of Hydrology (1994), p. 265-283
343   Rapport: De verdamping van bossen
A.J. Dolman, F.J. Moors, W. Bouten, A.W.L. Veen (1994)
344   Hoofdstuk: The role of organic soil profiles on availability of water in forests
M. Schaap, W. Bouten in: Poster abstracts Int. Conf. on Climate Change Research, Maastricht 6-9 december 1994 (1994), p. 119-119
345   Artikel: The role of organic soil profiles on the availability of water in woodland
M. Schaap, W. Bouten in: Change (1994)
346   Hoofdstuk: Wind speed and air temperature characteristics within a dense vegetation canopy
A.F.G. Jacobs, J.H. van Boxel, R.H. Shaw in: 21st Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology and 11th Conference on Biometeorology and Aerobiology, March 7-11 1994, San Diego, CA (1994), p. 309-312
347   Artikel: De duinen mogen weer stuiven
J.H. van Boxel, P.D. Jungerius in: Waddenbulletin, Vol. 29 (1994), p. 88-94
348   Artikel: Frequency domain analysis of time domain reflectometry wave forms I: measurement of the complex dielectric permittivity of soils
T.J. Heimovaara in: Water Resources Research (1994), p. 189-199
349   Artikel: Frequency domain analysis of time domain reflectometry wave foms II: A four component dielectric mixing model for soils
T.J. Heimovaara, W. Bouten, J.M. Verstraten in: Water Resources Research (1994), p. 201-209
350   Hoofdstuk: Identification of an error model for quantitative spatial attributes under different models of spatial variation
G.B.M. Heuvelink, P.A. Burrough in: Proceedings of the International symposium on spatial accuracy of Natural Resource Data Bases (1994)