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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1992

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111   Proefschrift: Electrophysiology of the rat nucleus accumbens : local circuitry, neuromodulation and synaptic plasticity
C.M.A. Pennartz (1992), p. 225
112  download 15593 Artikel: Presynaptic dopamine D1 receptors attenuate excitatory and inhibitory inputs to the shell region of the rat nucleus accumbens studied in vitro
C.M.A. Pennartz, M.J. Dolleman-van der Weel, S.T. Kitai, F.H. Lopes da Silva in: Journal of neurophysiology, Vol. 67 (1992), p. 1325-1334
113   Hoofdstuk: Population genetical evidence for host-race formation in Yponomeuta padellus
L.E.L. Raijmann, S.B.J. Menken in: Proceedings of the 8th International symposium on insect-plant relationships (1992), p. 209-211
114  download 28177 Artikel: Nonlinear Susceptibility As a Probe of Tensor Spin Order in URu2Si2
A.P. Ramirez, P. Coleman, E.H. Bruck, P. Chandra, A.A. Menovsky, Z. Fisk, E. Bucher in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 68 (1992), p. 2680-2683
115  download 42254 Artikel: Energy-Transfer between Ripplons and Phonons in Liquid-Helium at Low-Temperatures
M.W. Reynolds, I.D. Setija, G.V. Shlyapnikov in: Physical Review B, Vol. 46 (1992)
116   Hoofdstuk: A modal logic for updating and contracting
M. de Rijke in: Abstracts of the 1992 Summer Meeting of the ASL (1992), p. 89-90
117   Rapport: A system of dynamic modal logic
M. de Rijke (1992)
118   Rapport: A system of dynamic modal logic
M. de Rijke (1992)
119   Rapport: Meeting some neighbours
M. de Rijke (1992)
120  download 28179 Artikel: The modal logic of inequality
M. de Rijke in: Journal of symbolic logic, Vol. 57 (1992), p. 566-584