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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1991

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131  download 28503 Artikel: A note on the interpretability logic of finitely axiomatized theories
M. de Rijke in: Studia logica, Vol. 50 (1991), p. 241-250
132   Boekredactie: Colloquium on Modal Logic 1991
M. de Rijke (1991)
133   Rapport: Sahlqvist's theorem for Boolean algebras with operators
M. de Rijke, Y. Venema (1991)
134   Boek: Guidebook to Pecten shells. Recent Pectinidae and Propeamussiidae of the world
A. Rombouts, H.E. Coomans, H.H. Dijkstra, R.G. Moolenbeek, P.L. van Pel (1991), 157 p.
135  download 28504 Artikel: A transposon tagging strategy with Ac on plant cell level in heterologous plant species
C.M.T. Rommens, T.J.A. Kneppers, M.A. Haring, H.J.J. Nijkamp, J. Hille in: Plant science, Vol. 74 (1991), p. 99-106
136  download 28505 Artikel: Mobility versus density-limited predator-prey dynamics on different spatial scales
A.M. de Roos, E. McCauley, W.G. Wilson in: Proceedings / Royal Society of London: Biological sciences, Vol. 246 (1991), p. 117-122
137   Hoofdstuk: Towards a numerical analysis of the Escalator Boxcar Train
A.M. de Roos, J.A.J. Metz in: Differential Equations with Apllications in Biology, Physics and Engineering (1991), p. 91-113
138  download 42395 Artikel: Positron-Annihilation Study of the Electronic-Structure of Uru2si2
G.J. Rozing, P.E. Mijnarends, A.A. Menovsky, P.F. Dechatel in: Physical Review B, Vol. 43 (1991), p. 9523-9531
139   Artikel: Metapopulation persistence despite local extinction: predatory-prey patch models of the Lotka-Volterra type
M.W. Sabelis, O. Diekmann, V.A.A. Jansen in: Biological journal of the Linnean Society, Vol. 42 (1991), p. 267-283
140   Hoofdstuk: Introduction to Zeolite Theory and Modelling
R.A. van Santen, D.P. de Bruyn, C.J.J. den Ouden, B. Smit in: Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice (1991)