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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1990

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81   Artikel: New roads towards chloroplast transformation in higher plants
M.A. Haring, M. Deblock in: Physiologia plantarum, Vol. 79 (1990), p. 218-220
82  download 4596 Artikel: Multifrequency observations of Cygnus X-2 X-ray observations with GINGA
G. Hasinger, M. van der Klis, K. Ebisawa, T. Dotani, K. Mitsuda in: Astronomy and astrophysics, Vol. 235 (1990), p. 131-146
83  download 26361 Artikel: 5f-Ligand Hybridization and Magnetism in UTX Compounds
L. van der Havela, E.H. Bruck, P. Nozar, F.R. de Boer, V. Sechovsky, K.H.J. Buschow, A.A. Menovsky, A.V. Andreev in: Physica B: Condensed matter, Vol. 163 (1990), p. 103-106
84   Artikel: Antiferromagnetic Correlations in UNiAl
L. van der Havela, E.H. Bruck, J.C.P. Klaasse, F.R. de Boer, V. Sechovsky, P. Nozar, A.A. Menovsky, J.M. Fournier, M. Wulff in: Physica B: Condensed matter, Vol. 163 (1990), p. 175-178
85  download 26383 Artikel: UTX Compounds in High Magnetic-Fields
L. van der Havela, E.H. Bruck, K.H.J. Buschow, F.R. de Boer, V. Sechovsky in: Physica B: Condensed matter, Vol. 163 (1990), p. 175-178
86   Hoofdstuk: Preliminary data on the origin of small ermine moths introduced into North America (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae)
W.M. Herrebout, S.B.J. Menken in: Experimental and applied entomology : proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society (N.E.V.) (1990), p. 146-151
87   Artikel: Preselecting predatory mites for biological control: the use of an olfactometer
A. Janssen, C.D. Hofker, A.R. Braun, N. Mesa, M.W. Sabelis, A.C. Bellotti in: Bulletin of entomological research, Vol. 80 (1990), p. 187-191
88  download 15592 Artikel: Eltoprazine suppresses hyperpolarizing responses to serotonin in rat hippocampus
M. Joels, C.M.A. Pennartz, H. Sijbesma, J. Schipper in: The journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, Vol. 253 (1990), p. 284-289
89  download 9422 Artikel: SCILAIM: a multi-level interactive image processing environment
T.K. ten Kate, R. van Balen, A.W.M. Smeulders, F.C.A. Groen, G. den Boer in: Pattern recognition letters, Vol. 11 (1990), p. 429-441
90  download 4594 Artikel: Outburst, identification, and x-ray light curve of GS 1354-64 (= MX 1353-64?, Centaurus X-2?)
S. Kitamoto, H. Tsunemi, H. Pedersen, S.A. Ilovaisky, M. van der Klis in: The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 361 (1990), p. 590-595