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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1990

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61   Artikel: Yeast general transcription factor GFI: sequence requirements for binding to DNA and evolutionary conservation
J.C. Dorsman, W.C. van Heeswijk, L.A. Grivell in: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 18 (1990), p. 2769-2776
62  download 4599 Artikel: GINGA observations of quasi-periodic oscillations in type II bursts from teh Rapid Burster
T. Dotani, K. Mitsuda, H. Inoue, Y. Tanaka, N. Kawai, Y. Tawara, K. Makishima, J. van Paradijs, M. van der Klis in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 350 (1990), p. 395-407
63   Artikel: Biochemical systematics of the leaf-mining moth family Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera). II Allozyme variability in the Stigmella ruficapitella group
J.W. Driel, S.B.J. Menken in: Netherlands Journal of Zoology, Vol. 40 (1990), p. 499-513
64   Artikel: Biochemical systematics of the leaf-mining moth family Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera). III. Allozyme variation patterns in the Ectoedemia subbimaculella group
J.W. Driel, S.B.J. Menken in: Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, Vol. 60 (1990), p. 189-197
65   Artikel: Anthocorid bugs respond to odour emanating from Psylla infested pear trees
B. Drukker, M.W. Sabelis in: Experimental and applied entomology : proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society (N.E.V.), Vol. 1 (1990), p. 88-89
66   Boekredactie: Semantics and Contextual Expressions
R. Eartsch, J.F.A.K. van Benthem (1990), p. 318
67  download 26341 Artikel: Photoemission studies of oxide superconductors
R.G. Egdell, W.R. Flavell, M.S. Golden in: Superconductor science and technology, Vol. 3 (1990), p. 8-19
68  download 42415 Artikel: Soft-X-Ray Absorption-Spectroscopy of Electron-Doped (Nd,Sm)2-Xcexcuo4-Delta Compounds
C.F.J. Flipse, G. Vaderlaan, A.L. Johnson, K. Kadowaki in: Physical Review B, Vol. 42 (1990), p. 1997-2002
69  download 3562 Artikel: Enzymatic synthesis of pyrene-labeled polyphosphoinositides and their behavior in organic solvents and phosphatidylcholine bilayers
Th.W.J. Gadella, A. Moritz, J. Westerman, K.W.A. Wirtz in: Biochemistry, Vol. 29 (1990), p. 3389-3395
70   Artikel: Properties and modes of action of specific and non-specific phospholipid transfer proteins
Th.W.J. Gadella, K.W.A. Wirtz in: Experientia : Monatschrift für das gesamte Gebiet der Naturwissenschaft, Vol. 46 (1990), p. 592-599