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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1988

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91  download 43048 Artikel: Experiments with Atomic Hydrogen in a Magnetic Trapping Field
R. van Roijen, J.J. Berkhout, S. Jaakkola, J.T.M. Walraven in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 61 (1988), p. 931-934
92   Artikel: Numerical methods for structured population models: the Escalator boxcar train
A.M. de Roos in: Numerical methods for partial differential equations, Vol. 4 (1988), p. 173-195
93   Boek: The escalator boxcar train: basic theory and an application to Daphnia population dynamics
A.M. de Roos, O. Diekmann, J.A.J. Metz (1988), 27 p.
94  download 27687 Artikel: Evolution of pseudo-arrhenotoky
M.W. Sabelis, C.J. Nagelkerke in: Experimental & applied acarology, Vol. 4 (1988), p. 301-318
95  download 27688 Artikel: Overall population stability despite local extinction: the stabilizing influence of prey dispersal from predator-invaded patches
M.W. Sabelis, O. Diekmann in: Theoretical population biology, Vol. 34 (1988), p. 169-176
96   Artikel: Population dynamics of predatory mites and spider mites: part 1
M.W. Sabelis, A. Janssen, W. Helle in: Experimental & applied acarology, Vol. 4 (1988), p. 187-318
97   Artikel: Population dynamics of predatory mites and spider mites: part 2
M.W. Sabelis, A. Janssen, W. Helle in: Experimental & applied acarology, Vol. 5 (1988), p. 186-347
98   Artikel: Should all plants recruit bodyguards? : conditions for a polymorphic ESS of synomone production in plants
M.W. Sabelis, M.C.M. de Jong in: Oikos : acta oecologica scandinavica, Vol. 53 (1988), p. 247-252
99   Artikel: Rna-Polymerase Induces DNA Bending at Yeast Mitochondrial Promoters
A.H. Schinkel, M.J.A. Groot Koerkamp, A.W.R.H. Teunissen, H.F. Tabak in: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 16 (1988), p. 9147-9163
100  download 27690 Artikel: Kinetic theory of time correlation functions for a dense one-component plasma in a magnetic field
A.J. Schoolderman, L.G. Suttorp in: Journal of statistical physics, Vol. 53 (1988), p. 1237-1260