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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1987

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61  download 3729 Artikel: Von Mises' notion of random sequence reconsidered
M. van Lambalgen in: Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 52 (1987), p. 725-755
62  download 27712 Artikel: UV absorption and Raman Spectra of the ground states and time-resolved resonance Raman Spectra of the lowest excited triplet states of the E and Z isomers of 2,5-dimethyl-1,3,5-hexatriene. indication of nonequilibration of excited rotamers in the lowest triplet state
F.W. Langkilde, N.-H. Jensen, R. Wilbrandt, A.M. Brouwer, H.J.C. Jacobs in: The journal of physical chemistry, Vol. 91 (1987), p. 1029-1040
63  download 42438 Artikel: Optically detected magnetic-resonance studies of oxygen vacancy defects in the phosphorescent spin quartet state in CaO
P.A. van Leeuwen, M. Glasbeek in: Physical Review B, Vol. 36 (1987), p. 2890-2892
64  download 4665 Artikel: EXOSAT observations of 4U/MXB 1636-53 - On the relation between the amount of accreted fuel and the strength of an X-ray burst
W.H.G. Lewin, W. Penninx, J. van Paradijs, E. Damen, M. Sztajno, J. Truemper, M. van der Klis in: Astrophysical journal, Vol. 319 (1987), p. 893-901
65  download 4668 Artikel: Quasi-periodic oscillations in the X-ray flux of GX3+1 (4U 1744-26)
W.H.G. Lewin, J. van Paradijs, G. Hasinger, W.H. Penninx, A. Langmeier, M. van der Klis, F. Jansen, E.M. Basinska, M. Sztajno in: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 226 (1987), p. 383-394
66  download 15590 Artikel: Differential effects of elevated extracellular calcium on field potentials in dentate gyrus and CA1 of the rat hippocampal slice preparation
B.P.C. Melchers, C.M.A. Pennartz, F.H. Lopes da Silva in: Neuroscience letters, Vol. 77 (1987), p. 37-42
67  download 15589 Artikel: Low-magnesium induced long-term potentiation in the rat dentate gyrus in vitro
B.P.C. Melchers, C.M.A. Pennartz in: Neuroscience research communications, Vol. 1 (1987), p. 115-121
68   Artikel: Biochemical characters in agricultural entomology
S.B.J. Menken, S.A. Ulenberg in: Agricultural zoology reviews, Vol. 2 (1987), p. 305-360
69  download 27713 Artikel: Is the extremely low heterozygosity level in Yponomeuta rorellus caused by bottlenecks?
S.B.J. Menken in: Evolution, Vol. 41 (1987), p. 630-637
70  download 42442 Artikel: Point-contact spectra of the heavy-fermion superconductors Ube13 and Upt3
A. Nowack, A. Heinz, F. Oster, D. Wohlleben, C. Guntherodt, Z. Fisk, A. Menovsky in: Physical Review B, Vol. 36 (1987), p. 2436-2439