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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 1982

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21  download 91840 Proefschrift: Massive stars & X-ray pulsars
Hubertus Frederik Henrichs (1982), p. 122 p
22   Artikel: The position of Yponomeuta yanagawanus Matsumura (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae)
W.M. Herrebout, S.B.J. Menken, G.D.E. Povel, T.P.M. van de Water in: Netherlands Journal of Zoology, Vol. 32 (1982), p. 313-323
23  download 42991 Artikel: Coherence dynamics of cross-relaxing triplet spins
R. Hond, M. Glasbeek in: Physical Review B, Vol. 26 (1982), p. 427-429
24  download 113630 Proefschrift: On the relativistic kinetic theory of neutrinos in stellar collapse
L.J. van den Horn (1982), p. 109
25  download 4795 Artikel: A study of ultraviolet spectroscopic and light variations in the X-ray binaries LMC X-4 and SMC X-1
M. van der Klis, G. Hammerschlag-Hensberge, J. van Paradijs, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud, S.A. Ilovaisky, M. Mouchet, C. Chevalier, W.M. Glencross, A.J. Willis in: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 106 (1982), p. 339-344
26  download 4794 Artikel: The cycle-to-cycle variability of Cygnus X-3
M. van der Klis, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud in: Astronomy and Astrophysics: supplement series, Vol. 50 (1982), p. 129-140
27  download 15397 Hoofdstuk: UV photometric and line-width variability of LMC-4
M. van der Klis, G. Hammerschlag-Hensberge, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud, S.A. Ilovaisky, M. Mouchet, W.M. Glencross, A.J. Willis, J. van Paradijs, E.J. Zuiderwijk in: Third European IUE Conference : proceedings of the Third International Ultraviolet Explorer Conference, Madrid, Spain, 10-13 May 1982, co-sponsored by The European Space Agency (ESA), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) (1982), p. 259-260
28  download 43170 Artikel: Approximate Mapping of Two-Dimensional Quantum-Spin Models on Staggered 8-Vertex Models
A. Lagendijk, H. de Raedt in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 49 (1982), p. 602-605
29  download 42982 Artikel: Correlation functions of particles hopping on a chain and the dramatic influence of nonergodicity
A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review B, Vol. 25 (1982), p. 4691-4694
30  download 42980 Artikel: Strong Anisotropy of the Nuclear-Relaxation of Spin-Polarized Atomic-Hydrogen (H-Down) in 2 Dimensions
A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review B, Vol. 25 (1982), p. 2054-2056