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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2011

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661   Rapport: Water governance the key approaches: an analytical framework: literature review
L. Miranda, M. Hordijk, R.K. Torres Molina (2011), p. 23
662   Boekbespreking: 
C. Kwa in: Ambix, Vol. 58 (2011), p. 181-182 , Findings: hidden stories in first-hand accounts of scientific discovery
663   Artikel: Overvloed en onbehagen in de mondiale markt voor vertalingen: Nederlandse redacteuren in het transnationale literaire veld
T. Franssen, G. Kuipers in: Sociologie, Vol. 7 (2011), p. 67-93
664   Rapport: WP6.1/2 - Minorities, the European polity and a nascent European public sphere & nationalizing spaces
J.H. van de Beek, F. Vermeulen, M. Lagerspetz (2011), p. 151
665   Hoofdstuk: Attention management for dynamic and adaptive scaffolding
I. Molenaar, C. Roda in: Technology enhanced learning and cognition (2011), p. 51-96
666  download 466650 Hoofdstuk: Conclusion
V. Bader, M. Maussen in: Colonial and post-colonial governance of Islam: continuities and ruptures (2011), p. 233-248
667  download 466649 Hoofdstuk: Introduction
M. Maussen, V. Bader in: Colonial and post-colonial governance of Islam: continuities and ruptures (2011), p. 9-26
668   Artikel: Examining neighbourhood and school effects simultaneously: what does the Dutch evidence show?
B. Sykes, S. Musterd in: Urban Studies, Vol. 48 (2011), p. 1307-1331
669  download 469022 Artikel: Inherent illnesses and attacks: an ethnographic study of interpretations of childhood Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs) in Manhiça, southern Mozambique
L. Straus, K. Munguambe, Q. Bassat, S. Machevo, C. Pell, A. Roca, R. Pool in: BMC Public Health, Vol. 11 (2011), p. 556-
670   Artikel: Sexual partner types and related sexual health risk among out-of-school adolescents in rural south-west Uganda
A. Nobelius, B. Kalina, R. Pool, J. Whitworth, J. Chesters, R. Power in: AIDS Care, Vol. 23 (2011), p. 252-259