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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2011

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481   Boekbespreking: 
C. Kwa in: Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 17 (2011), p. 432-433 , Why I am not a scientist: anthropology and modern knowledge
482   Artikel: Reaching out towards cannabis: approach-bias in heavy cannabis users predicts changes in cannabis use
J. Cousijn, A.E. Goudriaan, R.W. Wiers in: Addiction, Vol. 106 (2011), p. 1667-1674
483   Artikel: Manfred Bonitz and the Matthew effect: quantitative content analysis of citation contexts
L. Leydesdorff in: ISSI Newsletter, Vol. 25-S (2011), p. 49-56
484   Artikel: Remaining problems with the “"New Crown Indicator" (MNCS) of the CWTS
L. Leydesdorff, T. Opthof in: Journal of Informetrics, Vol. 5 (2011), p. 224-225
485   Artikel: The triple-helix model of smart cities: a neo-evolutionary perspective
L. Leydesdorff, M. Deakin in: Journal of Urban Technology, Vol. 18 (2011), p. 53-63
486   Artikel: Visualizing meaning: steps towards visualization of the communication of meaning
L. Leydesdorff, E. Vlieger in: SemiotiX, Vol. XN-5 (2011), p. 4
487   Artikel: What do the cited and citing environments reveal about advances in atmospheric physics?
A. Shi, L. Leydesdorff in: Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, Vol. 28 (2011), p. 238-244
488   Artikel: 'Meaning' as a sociological concept: a review of the modeling, mapping and simulation of the communication of knowledge and meaning
L. Leydesdorff in: Information sur les Sciences Sociales, Vol. 50 (2011), p. 391-413
489  download 455762 Hoofdstuk: Negotiating belonging through language: immigration and integration in contexts of ethno-linguistic conflict
V. Mamadouh, J. Mansvelt Beck, F. Schrijver in: Concepts and Consequences of Multilingualism in Europe 2 (2011), p. 76-102
490  download 455884 Rapport: De effectiviteit van journalistieke codes: een literatuurstudie
R. van der Wurff, K. Schönbach (2011), p. 65