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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2011

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391   Boek: Exploratory social network analysis with Pajek. - 2nd ed.
W. de Nooy, A. Mrvar, V. Batagelj (2011), xxx, 420 p.
392   Artikel: Establishing guidelines for executing and reporting internet intervention research
J. Proudfoot, B. Klein, A. Barak, P. Carlbring, P. Cuijpers, A. Lange, L. Ritterband, G. Andersson in: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Vol. 40 (2011), p. 82-97
393   Artikel: Prospective linkages between peer victimization and externalizing problems in children: a meta-analysis
A. Reijntjes, J.H. Kamphuis, P. Prinzie, P.A. Boelen, M. van der Schoot, M.J. Telch in: Aggressive Behavior, Vol. 37 (2011), p. 215-222
394   Artikel: Proposed changes in personality and personality disorder assessment and diagnosis for DSM-5 part II: clinical application
A.E. Skodol, D.S. Bender, J.M. Oldham, L.A. Clark, L.C. Morey, R. Verheul, R.F. Krueger, L.J. Siever in: Personality Disorders : Theory, Research, and Treatment, Vol. 2 (2011), p. 23-40
395   Artikel: Disrupting reconsolidation: pharmacological and behavioral manipulations
M. Soeter, M. Kindt in: Learning & Memory, Vol. 18 (2011), p. 357-366
396   Rapport: The Netherlands: challenging diversity in education and school life
I. Versteegt, M. Maussen (2011), p. 53
397   Artikel: The civilizing process of trust: developing quality mechanisms which are local, professional-led and thus legitimate
P.R. Brown, M. Calnan in: Social Policy & Administration, Vol. 45 (2011), p. 19-34
398  download 487746 other: Winner 2011 ‘Best New Business’ Award
V. Ingram, M. Tchana (2011)
399   Artikel: The effects of a changing institutional environment on academic research practices: three cases from agricultural science
L.K. Hessels, J. Grin, R.E.H.M. Smits in: Science and Public Policy, Vol. 38 (2011), p. 555-568
400  download 464260 Rapport: EXPO II: experimenteren met ict in het PO tweede tranche: onderzoeksrapportage
I. Heemskerk, J. Meijer, E. van Eck, M. Volman, M. Karssen, E. Kuiper (2011), p. 256